The Fancy Pants Adventures Report 2

Just wanted to talk about a few concerns posted about the announcement of the console game.

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  1. applewarrior

    hey, Brad! i followed your advice & checked out NyxQuest and
    IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    I am sooooooooo getting that game!!!

    night guys. it’s 12:02 in this timezone & i’ve got to get some sleep(not that i’ve been on the site for long but still…)tommorow’s Friday!!!!

    next week is the LAST WEEK of the semester!!!!!! 😀

    seeya Brad
    seeya Fairly
    seeya internet

    have a merry christmas!!!
    (and a happy new year) 😉

  2. Aubrey

    @applewarrior: Same here, except we have finals all next week. And technically, it’s Friday where you are, because it’s past midnight.

    What are people doing for Christmas? (or whatever you do or don’t celebrate)
    I’ll be in Paris! :mrgreen:

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