Holiday Awesomeness

Big surprise coming up for everyone on

Keep an eye out ๐Ÿ˜€



    @brad: come on! im going today to florida!! well, i will try to check it out soon. WAit, does this have to do with beta or header stuff (such as pencil)?? wait, nvm about pencil, we dont get to that until battle/combat stuff. but what could be in the stirring pot…

    so a possible……

    cya brad!

    cya everyone!

    or is it….

    And before i leave, i ask a question. where has fairly gone? she hasnt posted any comments for the past many videos? could her “disappearance” on the site have to do with this?? maybe she is working on this surprise on the site, and has been going at it for a while…

  2. RadicalRocketRider

    WOW! When did you design this?!

    Hey, this gives me an idea! What if you add a special code that changes the ground and objects all holiday theme? Ya know, like candy cane instead of pencil, red and green stripey pants, Fancy Pants with a santa hat, snowy ground, ice instead of ink, things like that. I want to set up something like that in a game I’m trying to make!


    Hmmmm…. I’m excited! :mrgreen: What could this lovely Christmas surprise be, though? I try to rack my brains but I cannot guess what this this magical surprise is… And it is quite suspicious that fairly seems to not be around lately, could this be linked to the surprise? who knows….
    Well Brad does.

  4. DaxterSpeed

    I’ve talked to Brad a little before, and I’m pretty sure there’s a video coming up…

    Actually, the fact that I’ve talked to Brad before is completely unrelated, but still!

  5. DaxterSpeed


    I’ve been waiting properly! Is there something you can’t control aye?

    Rule of thumb. If you say you’ll be able to show something a certain date, you should already be finished with it.

  6. Vick

    I was thinking along the lines of official wallpapers (which would be awesome) but if it’s gonna take that long it’s probably somthing a LOT bigger… Still want wallpapers though ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. davismouse

    @heyo: Yeah I’m pretty sure we noticed that. I’ve been here since w3 report 20. SUCKERS!!!
    @brad: about when will this ‘surprise’ be?
    It’s always good to know when.

  8. WJUK

    Well, I’ve been here since… well, er… a long time ago. Let’s say it was when Brad was churning out World 2 BETA builds.

    Can’t wait to see what the surprise is.

  9. wingdemon


    oh and a question brad, can we use that 15% off at the zazzle store in conjunction with our 10 dollars off for beating the game?

  10. WJUK

    Wow, I love it. All the changes you’ve made to FPM himself are brilliant, the faster acceleration and such as well as the new moves just make this so awesome.

    And I love the level design. Not to say your previous efforts in level design were bad, but this just blows everything you’ve done before out of the water. The level just seems right and fluid. At so many instances I found myself running a perfect line then going back to find there were several ways to do the achieve the same goal a different way, just as smoothly. Kudos to you on that part Brad.

    Can’t wait for the full game now.

    Oh and I also found something interesting. You may want to make it so you can’t hear the snail shell everywhere, cos this happened: Link

    It seems like it will go on forever, and it gets sort of annoying when you can hear the spring and the snail shell hitting the ground/walls in the whole level.

  11. ICARAX

    sorry, took over 14 minutes…. but one thing brad. wheres the pencil?!??!?!??! the ornament we have all waited for, isnt on the tree! in other words, the pencil isnt with fancy pants! can you add it to the beta soon, if possible? just so we can mess with it?? it would be awesome. thanks! wait… this is fpm on console, right? does he even have a pencil in the console game? and when i played it, i thought it was beta for fpm W3? which one is it for?? because the sciency dude who keeps on changing his words instead of babysitter to last test subject (lol, for that matter) i saw that stage in a fpm 3 report!! but yet, this is on the fpm console site… please straighten this out for me brad, or someone who knows, and if they are wrong, brad come and tell us what the real story is… ๐Ÿ˜€ hey, this is the signature i will use for LOONG messages like this one. dont copy it for emails, because its mine!!! and yea, im only using a signature because this post is like an email. now look at it.

    The message is up THERE. Why are you looking down here?

  12. Miss Little Girl

    *sits on fpm’s lap* i want a xbox live with kinect so i can play you and i want a fpm t-shirt!!!!
    AND THEN I WANNA……….drone…….blah bleh…………..blah bladity….BLAH BLAH BLAH!…… AND THEN I WANT…..

  13. Decroux

    So does this mean FPA will be on PC? Also, wow. Just. Wow. That was a hell of a lot of fun. I’m going to replay that a lot.

    Anyone got anymore than 306 squiggles so far?

  14. Decroux

    Oh and double post but I forgot to mention, the trick room was amazingly fun. 500k points was a very good goal too. I had some serious fun in that room.

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