The Fancy Pants Adventures Report 3

First direct footage of FPA for consoles! I go through the final tutorial. Looks much better now, eh?

BTW, the Chrome Web Store is live, with FPA: World 2 as a featured game!

Download the game for free for Google Chrome, no ads, no installing. Plus, there’s a surprise when you defeat the Angry Rabbit this time around!


  1. DaxterSpeed

    I simply won’t be able to afford a PS3 (or a crapbox360 for that matter) in a while. My families economy is real horrible. So whoopido, I probably won’t be able to play this game.

    I blame you Brad.


    @brad: first things first. great video! it was worth the wait. Secondly, is the surprise the pencil?

    AJ32, is the surprise the pencil??

  3. TriangleMan

    Insanely awesome. FPM looks so much more refined. I am going to buy a console for this, so Brad which console does the game run better on or which do you recommend. Still not sure why people are confused about the game. Brad has explained everything in detail more than enough times. Anyway excellent work Brad πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    Love the look of it. Looks super smooth and fast…. I don’t think my mum wants me to get a console and I’m saving up for an expensive camcorder right now, and there’s like so many things I want, I just gotta work out my priorities I guess…. but dang, it looks good! :mrgreeen:

    I’m gonna give that world 2 download a whirl now and see what this surprise is all about.. bye πŸ™‚


    @Aubrey, i agree, and it took me 5 minutes and less to beat the game, lol.

    @RockinPIXRdude: try and beat the game and then you can see, but dont post it out, because not everyone knows yet.

    @Brad: yeah, i played it, and oh my god the header fpm is soo much better, i call it World 2.1 ! lol. :mrgreen:

  6. megamonster999

    I’m so angry that they didn’t put it on the stinking Wii, which is horrible because I’ve played Brad Borne’s games for years and it’s so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. rubenpuma

    btw, wut happened to showing us the “shiny new squigglevile” and the “underground lake,” which you talked about in the beginning.

  8. Brad

    @ICARAX: No I haven’t I just said that WiiWare doesn’t allow enough space to fit the game. If we would, we could, it’s in Nintendo’s ballpark, Team Meat is currently having the same trouble with Super Meat Boy.

    @rubenpuma: Technically true, yes, but we’ve only announced the game for the HD consoles at the moment. I don’t know how much work it would be to bring it over to the PSP, depends on how well the game does, I’m sure.

    We haven’t confirmed any systems that it’s NOT coming out to.

  9. Brad

    @TriangleMan: They both play equally, though the PS3 d-pad is better for platformers. 360 controller is much better for FPSes. PS3 has more interesting games overall, but 360 has the Halos, Gears of War, and usually get the Arcade games first (when they’re not exclusive). Xbox Live is also far better, but costs 50 a year for online.

  10. ICARAX

    TheKomputerGeek: uhhh, yea i noticed that too, but the text on the wall part… well its a bit hard to squish a real xbox or psn screen all onto a computer, so in the real game its probably gonna be bigger.

  11. Minifig3D

    I love it! Both the video and the google chrome game are great.

    @Brad: in the chrome fancy pants game on the main menu, the “BorneGames” button takes you to the EA2D site, not yours, just so you know.

    Nice surprise at the end, by the way. =D

  12. Brad

    @ICARAX: It’s one of the test levels that I showed off earlier in Flash. Trying not to show off too much new stuff yet, going through the levels that y’all have already seen.

    @TheKomputerGeek: We’re still polishing, you know how OCD I am πŸ™‚

    @klimtkiller: Well yes, of course, heh.

  13. klimtkiller

    bubble tanks 3 is out. i have a tank and i have to get almost 2000 bubbles to get to the next upgrade! awesome game. check it out! PS: don’t just go in spirals. it’s not fun that way.

  14. Auad

    Brad! I wanted so much to buy that shirt.. I even customize it with the text “Be fancy!!!”.. but i am from brazil =(
    I wonder if one day will i could be able to adquire it..

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