The Fancy Pants Adventures Report 4

Just a quick run through the demo! Holidays are over and I’ll be catching up with the updates.

We’re on the last stretch and I’ve been working like crazy to get these animations finished. Gotta make sure you guys get the best. Remember the Angry Rabbit’s 6 frame moves? I’m up to 170 frames for the next boss, and that’s just for one move! Phew. Alright, back to animating!

After that, plenty more awesomeness heading your way!

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  1. Hams

    @Brad: Whats your high score on the golden squiggles score, mine is 244
    Anyways, cant wait for that awesomeness coming our way! and I cant wait to see the Angry Rabbit re-vamped!


    @stoner8602: im not in brads, mind, nor am i brad, but i kinda have a guess that it really isnt important, seeing as he has a lot to do with fpm W3 and fpm console. maybe he will later though… but who knows.

    @jesusminime: would it possibly be the same same for mac? i dont know…

  3. rubenpuma

    @brad: i know its a bit late, but i when, in the demo, i run in one direction then suddenly press the opposite arrow and the jump button to do a flip jump, fancy pants man does his flip, then begins to run in the direction of the flip, and doesn’t stop until he hits a wall, no matter what button i press.


    StelfChild: that door is to springy hills. you have to go near the end of the level, and start running, and you have to time your jump to be right before the oil starts on the “cream colored building”. then you wall run, and then flip, and if you do it all right, you will be able to get into springy hills. it sometimes is really hard.

    @rubenpuma: really? i tried that once, didnt happen to me… or maybe i didnt do it right? πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† :mrgreen:

  5. greatestguy

    @ICARAX & StelfChild: I found that sliding down that steep slope to get speed (the one a little to the left of the platform you land on if you do the matrix flip) worked much better to jump higher and get to the door.

    @ Brad: The music in the past games was awesome! Will we hear it more in this game? Also did I just miss the report with cutie pants or was there one or has she died an untimely death from your ideas book or… I’m all outta ideas. Will we see her?

  6. wingdemon

    listen to the first 5 seconds of “where is the love” by the black eyed peas, its the exact same as the FPA BGM music in some levels…..

    Not that i care or anythin’. the FPA music ROCKS.


    i just bothered to play world one again, and i found that the more low quality turned into a great quality! and the roll is there! and the wall jump, is even better when you come from the box! WOW.

  8. greatestguy

    @ Brad: Once when I fell from the cream colored building to the left and landed in a slide so I had lots of speed going to the right I slid of the ledge and should have caught it and hung on, but instead FPM grabbed onto the cream colored building, disappeared and reappeared at the top of it holding on to the ledge.

  9. TriangleMan

    @greatestguy It is called the parallax effect. That is the effect Brad was going for. It gives a sense of depth and looks more realistic as if you were running past a bunch of buildings and etc. It is called the parallax effect.

    And just a note, many people are claiming to have found glitches. Most of them are parts of the game play. For example, when standing still pressing the up arrow moves the camera up, and same with the down arrow, the camera moves down. I think for Brads sake and everyone else’s, it would be better to read other peoples comments to see if they have already found a glitch or asked a question because Brad may have already addressed it. And please watch all of the World 3 Reports, you will find Brad explains a lot about the game and would probably answer most of peoples questions.

    I am not trying to be rude or anything I just want state the obvious and to help some people out there πŸ˜€

  10. ICARAX

    @wingdemon: penguin? its MEGA-PENGUIN!!! or MASTER-PENGUIN! not just penguin. lol. I love when penguins are ultimate, or final bosses!

  11. Batman

    is there anywhere i’m supposed to bring the snail shell? i kicked it all over and didn’t find a hole like in world 2 so i assume there isn’t one.

  12. ICARAX

    @Batman: i dont believe there is a hole yet…

    @Brad: speaking of snail shells, will you be able to hit it with the pencil like a golf stick only once, or a lot more, like anytime you want?

  13. applewarrior

    ICARAX: i play piano too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but not for nine years πŸ™ try 2 & a half.

    Brad:i’m still amazed at the fact that the mayor can FLY!!!!!!!!!

  14. ICARAX

    @applewarrior: that rocks! well i started when i was a little kid, a REALLY little kid. yeah, i can get over the fact that the mayor can fly too. Well, go piano! lol.

    @Brad: thats a BIG pencil you are holding there at night. good inspiration! πŸ˜€

  15. AJ32

    @ ICARAX: I don’t know … those things just happen, but I do not think, how … but I landed directly on the snailshell and so I kicked it through the floor! (Sorry 4 my bad Englisch)

  16. BunBun2

    How to get there? Go way up to the end Door, run Left then Jump quickly.* Hold Down+Left, then, where the ink ends, Jump+Left then hold Up just before you hit the wall. When at max height on the Wallrun, Jump+Left. There is the Door.
    *At the end of the purple platform.

  17. BunBun2

    Yes, i know im triple posting, but “the time to edit my comment has elapsed”
    Yes, Brad, i have revealed the secret area! Mwehehehehehehe!
    Oh, Holding up before hitting the wall causes you to Wallrun.
    Sorry for not clarifying that.

  18. ICARAX

    @miaow: oh yeah… EXTRA. heh…

    @klitmtkiller: there are only two hidden doors. one to the science room, and one to the springy hills, and that video was only 38 seconds…

  19. davismouse

    :mrgreen: Hi guys! :mrgreen: I havent been around in SOOOOOOO long! :mrgreen: Heres why:
    1: Logging in doesn’t work (plz fix!)
    2: School, homework, etc.
    3: Piano practice and Uke practice
    4: Dance classes
    5: Distractions (icanhascheezburger, miniclip, etc)
    I MISSED YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  20. ICARAX

    hey does anyone know that its been about a month and two days since the demo was made? sorry, just had the urge to say that… :mrgreen: πŸ˜€ lol.

  21. ICARAX

    @hams: lol. wait, what do you mean the demo will be available. isnt this just a short part of the game?

    @AJ32: wait, do you mean into the ground?? anyhow, how about just video your game everytime and just try to do it until it works! lol.

  22. Hams

    @Icarax: demo, sneek peek, whatever. I mean the thing Brad focused this report on.
    @Everyone: I just realized I haven’t died on the demo yet. Lol, haven’t heard the death music in ages. Well, off to die πŸ˜›
    EDIT: while going to die I saw that my golden squiggles time got reset, so now I have to get my epic time of 244 back >:(

  23. miaow

    I kicked the snailshell into the ground too.
    I got it bouncing on a spring and jumped on it from above and the shell got smashed out of existence

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