Public Sneak Peek

We’re going public with the Sneak Peek, fixing some bugs, finding new ones, and generally making sure that everyone has the chance to try out Fancy Pants Man’s latest adventure!

On Newgrounds

Added support for Medals:

A tiny trial: Score under 400 on the Squiggleville MicroTrial.

An awesome trial: Score under 280 on the Squiggleville MicroTrial.

For Science!: Beat the sciencey challenge room.

Challenge Accepted!: Destroy all expectations and get over a million points!

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On Kongregate

On Kong, I’m tracking Science and Microtrial high scores, so show everyone who’s boss!

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Or download Mochi’s zip package.

And of course, if you’re wondering about the differences between FPA for console and World 3, check out the video below!


  1. jesus_minime

    Here is a list of the glitches that I found, and compiled on the forum. Most of them haven’t been fixed yet, so I thought I’d post ’em up here for your convenience.

    I hope I’m not the only one who discovered you can roof run on the entrance to the cave.

    EDIT: Aswell as the purple wall run pillar.

    Glitch list ( I would suggest posting this on the first post on the thread, so it’s easy to see. Mods would you mind adding things to that post there?)

    – Wrong type of hitboxes on the roof of the entrance to the cave and part of the big purple wall run thanger ( I know because I took apart the SWF on flash a while ago with a decompiler and saw how you (Brad) were working everything.)

    – It also seems that there is no “wall push” animation. So when you push up against the wall you just get stuck there for a few seconds, and then it lets you free

    – Science Room: There seem to be QUITE a few glitches centered around this particular spot

    For one thing, there’s that… I’ve also had it quite a few times where I’ve been on the Right side of it, and just shot through to the other side when I hit it hard enough or tried to wall run in the wrong spot. i’ve also had it on quite a few occasions where my score was corrupted and I came out getting a grand score of “NAN”.

    – Snailshell glitches: Same problem as previous bug, the snailshell will sometimes cling to the ceiling in certain places (previous examples). Also, if you pound on a snailshell hard enough into a spring the spring will take such a blow it will spring backwards into the ground, looking pretty dang ridiculous.

    – Water glitches: If you backflip or really just jump at all on the section with knee deep water, FPM tries to dive into the water, but just lands on his feet because of how shallow the water is. Silly FPM, not know how to shallow dive. ๐Ÿ˜› Also, in that same section you can jump SUPER high if you run through the puddle and press jump. I think this is because of the water jumping physics interacting with the normal jumping physics. The water jump is based on the speed of FPM correct? I think the problem could be easily fixed if you make the water jumping check before it allows him to jump if he’s touching the ground first. Also, it seems like the water is a little too “jell-o”-y when you run into it. You can slide all the way accross to the next bit of land just by running fast enough right now. I don’t know it just feels kind of weird.

    This also should probably be fixed:

    Also, when FPM is swimming upside-down

    He suddenly flips right-side up again after a few seconds. I’m not sure if you were planning on fixing this and just forgot, or are still planning on fixing it. Just a reminder I guess.

    Also, if you roll down the first hill, for some reason, there is a silly bunched up bit of hitboxes that will teleport you to random places on the map if you hit it hard enough. I can do it consistantly, but some people only hae it happen sometimes.


    – Uphill bouncing?

    Video 1
    Video 2

  2. jesus_minime

    Sorry, there were images but they were lost in translation. ๐Ÿ™

    I’ll post a link here to the forum post.

    never mind, I can’t get to it right now. it’s giving me some sort of database error. It’s in the “world 3 demo” topic. 3 pages from the last.


    Okay, i really like the fact that the pencil is there, yet it doesnt WORK. whatever. but i found many glitches!

    Snailshell Glitches- If you go into certain areas with the snail shell, and fall onto it, you will either pound it into the ground never to see it again, OR it will disappear into the clouds. Also, i have done this many many times, if you get the snailshell to a spring, and start jumping with it, and Hit hard enough, either the spring will go springing backwards into the ground, get back to normal after a while (making it look hilariously ridiculous) or it will go flat (also really ridiculous). Also the snailshell will sometimes hang onto the ceiling in specific areas.

    Science Room Glitch- I have seen the score “NAN” instead of my real score sometimes.

    Pencil Glitches- the pencil has NO animation absolutely, and when you try to use it, fancy pants man disappears until you stop using it.

    Water glitches: the area where there is really small water on Land. when you dive, you end up on your hands one animation frame, and the next your just standing there. Also, you jump really really, abnormally high in the small water area.

    NUMBER GLITCHES: if you press any numbers other than one in the entire squiggleville, you will have a blank screen.

    SPIDER glitches: sometimes if you hit a spider in such a way, it will either freeze in its hit animation, start shaking oddly, or shake in its scared animation or its hit animation.

    Thats about it! ๐Ÿ˜€ heh, and oh yeah are you going to fix the pencil animation, or was that just to “tease” us?

    @jackhall: theres no such smile as mr. red. I made him up. pretty convincing though, right?

    @jesus-minime: theres A CAVE?!!?!?!???!??!?!?!?!? or is that the second level?

  4. jackhall

    @brad when will the public sneak peak come out?

    :mrgreen: i myself cant wait to dominate mr smiley
    ๐Ÿ™‚ your going dowwwwnnn i WILL pone you so hardddddddd ๐Ÿ˜€


    @Brad: there is one more glitch, sometimes, if you time it right, going into the water near the knee deep water(right before it) you will freeze, and the only thing you can do other then restart, make the animation faster/slower, or use the numbers, is make the really short pencil animation where it just goes short arm distance. hope that helps! :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Brad

    So I’m in San Francisco right now, Fairly and I will be at FGS tomorrow, else I’d be fixing bugs already.

    After that we’ll be showing off some new console specific features at a pre GDC EA event.

    So the question is, are you guys such awesome fans that I should NOT wait until the event to show off a few new things? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. jackhall

    @ brad since we are all telling you about “bugs” and gliches to help the game look better/be better maybe us major posters (at least on once a day or waits until reports till midnight) maybe we all can design a level send it to your adress (which we will have to have you set up a chat room for our ideas) and we have a level in FPA for consol and/or FPA world three


    @fancyfanman: i have stated all of the following! ๐Ÿ˜€ lol.

    @brad: we are such great fans that we give you the choice, right all other brad fans?


    First, i say sorry for duble posting. second!

    @ brad &everyone: okay, you might not believe this, but i found the reason for the snail shell going into the ground! okay, so i was messing around on the ORIGINAL sneak peek (on and i was just seeing if there were anymore glitch buttons, and I think i pressed P and these black words appeared on the game screen. So at first i freaked out thinking someone was attempting to hack my computer, but i looked harder, and the stuff looked like what i had been doing with fpm! such as hitting my head, getting the snail into a shell, etc. so i started bouncing with the shell, and it went into the ground! so then i looked at the programming that was on it, it showed that the SNAILSHELL was consistently going down non-stop. Just thought that might help you fix it brad! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen:

  10. KCreator78

    Hooray, sneak peek on kongregate!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I found a weird glitch… when you press the D or A button, you suddenly turn invisible, and sometimes when you run, he starts to fly up and down in the air, and after about a minute, he lands on the ground and dies, still invisible…
    And when I press the D/A button and then stop running, the pencil also shows up for a second, and then he puts it away… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    But I thought you wouldn’t get to use the pencil until later, and not already now, in the demo! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  11. smileylover

    Okay, sooo much to say. First: Brad, I LOVE the new versions of the sneak peek (I know you didn’t really change much, but the movements seem so much smoother and faster.) I have also had the disappearing/holding the pencil glitches. Also, in the water level, underwater, all the way to the left, FPM keeps freezing. And once, in the Neogrounds version, the screen froze on the door to the springy hills. FPM could still move but I couldn’t see him once he went off of that screen. Otherwise, extreme awesomeness!!!
    Next: I feel sooooo stupid asking this, but WHAT IS THE MICROTRIAL???? Also, I know basically nothing about Neogrounds or Kongregate, so I have a lot of questions about them. On Neogrounds, what does Brad mean by medals? And how do you get ‘points’ to get over a million of them? I’m sorry I’m so ignorant. I know very little about the world of gaming other than Fancy Pants.

  12. smileylover

    Okay, sorry for the double post, but I just noticed something. On Kongregate, the main page has really cool animations with the pink FPA spinning, etc, but on Neogrounds, they aren’t there.

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