The Fancy Pants Adventures Report 5

Or, watch it here in all it’s HD glory!

Fairly makes a special co-op appearance to help me show off 2 player in Squiggleville, and some Fancy Glowing Squiggle-Shell (or something) Golf!

And she beats up on me. A lot.


  1. TriangleMan

    My mind is blown…….

    Brad I don’t know how but you honestly keep outdoing yourself each time. Everything i just saw is perfect. Probably best platformer gameplay I have ever seen. Too much awesomeness to specifically compliment. Excellent job.

    You are AWESOME. Keep up the amazing work πŸ˜€

  2. Brad

    @TriangleMan: Many thanks! I definitely want the game to come out just right, but I really need to give credit to Over the Top, they were the ones who were able to push the game design that extra mile.


    AWESOME!!!! Darn, i went to sleep, but i saw it now!!! πŸ˜€

    Ooh, something AWESOME next week. Maybe inside a report? A special surprise? who knows… lolol, it was so funny how you fought against fairly.

  4. WJUK

    So, now you’ve got 2 player co-op… how about 4 player?! πŸ˜€

    But anyway, on a serious note, are you intending to put in online co-op?

    Oh and kudos on the camera, it seems to be rather smooth even when the two players are quite a bit away from each other. Although I’m questioning whether it would be better to have a tether system so they could bounce back when they’re too far away (like about 2:40 in the video) just so it doesn’t become too hard to see each other. That being said, there was a bit earlier when FO was off-screen completely, I’m interested in the conditions for that and how you would try and get the other player back in screen.

    Obviously, I’m sure you and OTT know best though. πŸ˜›

  5. klimtkiller

    Awesome! New report! One question: Is there a 2 player mode where you can’t interact with each other? It may be a bit annoying if there isn’t because you would move the other player every time you touch them


    MINDBLOWINGLY EPIC. I feel so happy for The Fancy Pants Adventures, it’s grown up so much and it really looks like a console game now. A REALLY AWESOME ONE. πŸ˜€ I LOVE PLATFORMERS, yikes and the co-op looks SOOOO FUN!! and like WJUK commented earlier, I’m also interested in knowing more about how to the camera works with co-op in the sense of being able to go really far away from each other and how small it looks then etc.
    Squiggleville looks very polished and even the background has animation (smoke from chimneys) – AMAZING WORK! :mrgreen:

  7. fancy pants fiend

    ur all a bunch of kiss asses brad i hope this game comes out soon cause uve been spending so much time making tha game u gav us a short report dat went bye in tha blink of an eye!!!!!

  8. Aubrey

    i love it! the 2 player thing seems so smooth, it’s like you rehearsed the game play for this report. can’t wait to play the game in… when does it come out?


    @dogman564: welcome o newcomer! πŸ˜€

    @aubrey: agreed. it comes out sometime in the spring.

    @Brad: I cant wait, soooo irresistible! darn, release a coop and multiplayer demo so I CAN beat up on my sisters!! πŸ˜€

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