KotH gameplay 1

Hey everyone, I wanted to quickly post some good quality King of the Hill footage. We’re back home again, we’ll be starting the steady stream of awesomeness back up.

Anyone worried about button 30k for the pencil, don’t be! We’ll be doing our part by posting stuff worth talkin about, and you guys can do your part by sending it along the tubes by commenting on it, or liking it, or passing it on however you can.

So to start us off, a mini epic battle!

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And of course, of there’s anything you want to see in particular, speak up in the comments.

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  1. smileylover

    @Seana360499: You can NEVER have too many smilies!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: 🙂 😀 8)
    😉 😆
    @Brad: Why can’t you wall jump/wall run in the new header? Is it (*gasp*) a glitch??

  2. Brad

    @smileylover: No wall jumping? Now that’s weird, the only thing I changed in that build is the wall lean. I’ll check into it when I get a moment. Since you can wall jump in the Sneak Peek, it’s definitely less of an issue…

  3. offtopic

    @Seana360499: Yup,definitely fun,though my sister wonders what 9999999999 of my sprite sheets are doing in a folder on the desktop named “lolz random” which contained mutated bug catchers and gym leaders. She tried to use it as blackmail material but gave up when she found out that almost all of her friends do it too. :mrgreen:
    BTW did u get the new generation V games(pokemon black & white)?@smileylover: How true(sniff)

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