KotH gameplay 2 & 3

Just having some more fun with King of the Hill! I gotta say, King of the Hill is easily one of my favorite new features in the game. Four player online or local, adds an insane amount of gameplay value!

Gotta cut myself off here, or I’m going to accidentally spill everything I was going to put in that next Report that I’ve been meaning to finish recording.

Speaking of which, there’s a video I still have to dub and upload!


  1. WJUK

    Gotta say, despite it being a console game, OTT games have retained the style and feel of the series perfectly. Can’t have asked for anything better.

    Tell them I give them my kudos. 😉

    Oh and Steam release GO. *ahem* I mean, a Steam release would be great, if possible.

  2. Brad

    @smileylover: Shhhhh! You’ll awaken the TIGER BLOOD.

    @WJUK: Yeah, we spent a ton of time making sure everything felt right, and they did do great with all of the new assets that they created, too.

  3. DaxterSpeed

    I just noticed that EA2D is starting to work a lot with you Flash animators and game makers. Both Adam Phillips and Mike Swain are no official EA2D partners, meaning we might actually get to see a lot of cool stuff for PC and console!

  4. jackhall

    i want the pencil combat

    :mrgreen: well obviously everyone does @brad i have full confidence in you with 30k likes and follows but i did the math and there is no way it is possible to get 30k before the release of the game

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