No. 2 Combat

Update! Lots have been updated in the Sneak Peek since this post was made, the banner just haven’t been updated! Make sure to check out the latest posts on this site for all the latest news!

You guys want to try out some mighty pencil combat in the Sneak Peek, I want some more Facebook Likes and Twitter Follows.

Would be nice to get some practice in before taking on those jerk pirates, no?

cross swords

So, here’s the deal. If / when we hit 30,000 Likes and Follows put together, I’ll add the pencil, and everyone can start slicing away.

Currently at 8,660, but we’re climbing at a nice pace. Tell everyone you know! Heck, click on both yourself!

If we hit it soon, just think what else I could add to the Sneak Peek for a few more Likes / Follows ; )

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  1. WeegeeWarrior

    Facebookers, MAKE A TWITTER ACCOUNT AND FOLLOW RUNFASTRUNFANCY! Is it seriously that hard too do? We’d be soooooo much closer to getting the pencil if you guys would just do that.

  2. fireblek

    The number of likes for “The Fancy Pants Adventures” on Facebook is 17,260. I don’t know how many follows there are, but I bet we’re getting close to 30,000. I don’t have a Twitter account, so can anyone tell me how many Twitter follows there are?


    @guilhermus Magnus: 15,000 is more appropriate, but right now theres something small for 20,000 i believe. if we GET there. πŸ˜‰

    @smileylover: IKR!!!! :mrgreen:

  4. Himynameis****

    Dear Brad,

    I really don’t usually like to inform some of the greatest video game designers of all time but i recently took a look at the Fancy Pants Adventures facebook page and realized that there are actually 55,000 likes on it so i don’t understand the reason that is to why there isn’t a pencil in the sneak peak, could you explain in your next post please?

    thank you,
    sincerely Himynameis****

    • Brad

      First off, I’m flattered, heh. Secondly, the pencil is in the Sneak Peek, apparently I’m slightly better at making games than keeping my site up to date, haha.

      If you don’t see it, make sure to play at, or check out some of the newer posts, there’s lots that have been added to the game since then!

      Should probably update this page…

  5. Himynameis****

    thank you Brad, my sneak peak was oddly only updated today. I appreciate your reply to my message, and you are right, i played the sneak peak this morning and there was a whole lot updated, again I would love to thank you and i would love to know the estimate of when the full game will release thank you.


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