The Fancy Pants Adventures Report 6

A report about King of the Hill! I know I’ve been posting more quick videos and pictures lately, but things are finally starting to settle down (for now, at least!), so here’s an actual Report about King of the Hill!


  1. WJUK

    Saw this when you uploaded to YT, but I digress. It looks frickin’ sweet.

    I especially like the weapons clashing and the two players bouncing backwards.


    @julius: i wonder too…

    @Pandebus: yeah, that would be cool!

    @jackhall: will he agree to playing anybody though?

    @Brad: hmmmm…… what else is there? 😛 😀

    @everyone: this is off topic but im getting braces this tuesday. 🙁 :'( 😈 👿

    i used the sad faces, but no one had used the other two in so long that i decided to use it to show my sadness.

  3. AJ32

    I don’t think the idea with those hats and the different pencil stuff is so good, because it has to be Fancy PANTS and not Fancy HAT, or something like that. The idea with KotH is good, but everytime when I see a Fancy Pants Man with a hat, I think you wasted your ‘creation time’ when you made it! Pants: good, hats : … 🙁

  4. smileylover

    @Brad: I found a new sneak peek glitch!! I had just wall jumped into the second level of the green building and I fell through the floor!

  5. Seana360499

    @smileylover: Yup. That has happened to me also when I tried to do the purple loop-de-loop, but it resulted in death. 🙁

    @ICARAX: Oh yes. We ALL have noticed. 😉

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