Misplaced Cave

Wow! Even though we’re between the launch of FPA on consoles and the release of World 3 online, our Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers continue to rise at an awesome rate.

We’re over 50k Likes + Follows, and as promised, I’ve added some new content to the Sneak Peek. Since I’ve been pretty quiet lately, I figured I should make this update count.

So, there’s now two main levels in the Sneak Peek: Squiggleville and Misplaced Cave! It’s one of the later levels in the game, is easily one of my favorites. Lot’s of alternate paths, and tons of places to perform stunts on.

Here’s the deal, though. I just finished up the Beach levels, so Caves isn’t quite finished yet. But that’s okay! As I work on it, I’ll update the Sneak Peek and post about the progress, so you’ll get to see what goes in to every single level in World 3 (aka, why isn’t World 3 out yet??). Every level has a MiniTrial, challenge level, hidden level, and nooks and crannies to explore, so you’ll be getting a ton of new content as the level progresses. It’s also an excuse for me to make new posts about what I’m currently working on.

To start us off:


  1. Aubrey

    Great report! Don’t your eyes burn when you work on World 3 for a long time?
    Anyway, I just watched the sand castle report. I love how there are marks in the sand wherever you walk/run/slide. That way, I won’t end up mixing up where I need to go.
    I really liked the shape of the Misplaced Cave; not everything follows a pattern or an organized set of platforms. It’s not messy, but it has a sense of fun and spontaneity. I actually get that sense from every level.
    Thanks so much for working hard on a game that people will just play for free.

    • Brad

      Heh, well, I definitely work on the computer pretty much all day. That, or I’m playing some video games, or checking email from my phone. Never really understood why anyone had a problem with the iPad’s screen for reading, enough to get a separate e-Reader, at least. Though, I sure hope my eyes don’t burn out in a few years, I already have terrible vision without contacts, heh.

  2. offtopic

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
    *Cricket chirps*
    Not like anybody cares though,btw I really like Misplaced Caves,although Brad should make it much smoother when you bounce back the rat’s bullets,and also it should go in different directions depending on how you swing the pencil.

  3. Brad

    New build of the Sneak Peek up, clear your cache and all that. I’m going to make a post soon commenting on this part of the the level making process, but it’s late. Figured I’d at least get this up for those of you awesome enough to be reading this.

    Quite a few bug fixes too, actually, though I think the Ninjas are still brokeded…

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