Sandy Castles

Quick update: Cave’s up in the Sneak Peek. Check it out at! I messed up the mayor’s dialog, so if he’s saying the same old thing, it’s not updating. You might need to clear your browser cache. I’ll update the preloader and make a real post about it soon, but until then, Misplaced Cave is one of my favorite levels, so have fun!

Hi ho, everybody! Looks like the natives are restless, so let me show you what I’ve been working on, and what the plans are for the near future.


First up is the Beach. Finished the background, touched up the sand a little, and animated the sand castles falling over. At the end of the day, isn’t getting kicked what sand castles are really for?

In World 3 in Flash, I’m handling the Beach challenge a little differently. Instead of having it’s own level, the challenge takes place all over the main level. Hunt down the castles! Those castley jerks…


Just for reference, here’s the first time I showed off the Beach level and sand effects:

So, what’s next? For awhile, I was planning on putting a poll on Facebook, to see if everyone wanted me to add the Forest level to the Sneak Peek (World 2 demo had 2 main levels, so why not), or add the Misplaced Caverns. Thing is, Forest is finished, Caverns isn’t. I can upload Caverns as it is, then while I work on it, I can upload new versions, and everyone can basically watch how I build a level. Basically, adding the Forest would be boring, so I’m going to overrule everyone here anyway.

And building levels is pretty much all I’ve been doing lately, and that’s what’s been holding World 3 up. I figure everyone will get a brand new level to play with while they wait, get to see it be built piece by piece, and even give some feedback as I create the MiniTrial and extra levels that go with ever main level. Everyone up for that?

So then, I’m going to go through all my files and give the Sneak Peek a good updating. I’ve actually updated a lot of the collision since then, also, so hopefully nothing goes wrong in the transfer. Let’s see if I can get the Caverns in there tonight…

And here’s exactly what it looks light right now. Beautiful, isn’t it?



    • Brad

      Thanks! The stars are in there as placeholders, where there’s going to be squiggles, doors, any sort of secrets. I believe there’s 6 of them in there. I had a counter in the HUD, might add that back for a bit.

    • Brad

      I’ve thought about it, but I’ve probably added the most new animations and such to that part of the game, I think I want to keep most of those a surprise…

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