Thanks, Steve

Not much else to say that hasn’t been said better elsewhere.

I really started creating digital content once I got my first Mac, a now ancient PowerBook G4 (clocked slower than my current phone, imagine that). I first got into Flash games by creating stopmotion animation, and I got into that because I enjoyed video editing, thanks to in no small part by Apple’s focus on media creation with iLife and FireWire (an utter God-sent during the time of DV cameras).

So here’s to (as The Onion playfully puts it) the last American who knew what the heck he was doing.


  1. offtopic

    @Brad: Firewire sure,but thunderbolt is in a class by itself.
    Twitter CEO Dick Costolo expresses this very well:”Once in a rare while, somebody comes along who doesnt just raise the bar, they create an entirely new standard of measurement.”

  2. fireblek

    Two days ago, I saw an headline in the newspaper saying “TO MILLIONS, HE WAS STEVE”. Confused, I read on. Sadly, I found out that Steve Jobs was dead. I was always more of a windows, it’s even what I’m typing on now. But my mom’s Mac was always faster, better, and everything would work again if I deleted and re-installed. I thank Steve for a great computer, and for being a person that changed America, maybe even the world. Thank you and rest in peace, Steve.

  3. wingdemon

    “We get lots of letters and postcards from fans saying iTunes is their favorite app on Windows, i mean hey, its like drinking a glass of ice water in hell.”

    – Steve Jobs, Boston MacWorld [To Bill Gates]

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