Cave Building: Update #3

Backgrounds done! Bugs fixed! Thanks to everyone would sent in replays, and your welcome for fixing them 😉

Can’t remember all the things I did, at the moment, I’m going to get some sleep then make a real post about it later…

Actually, better idea, here’s a few more bug fixes for now, and I’ll make another video tomorrow.

Got a nice bundle of tweaks here, let’s see what you guys think:

– Mouse health lowered, from 120 to 80. For reference, Spiders are at 40.
– Animated the Spider’s head to be a bit bouncier during the walk cycle. I don’t know, seems to fit better with all the new bounciness.
– Speaking of which, mouse bounciness tightened up some.
– FPM ‘stall’ jump clip finished, though it should appear less now, anyway. Hopefully now no one thinks it’s the game bugging out anymore, heh.
– Fixes to the player’s sliding clip, should be impossible to get hurt while slide tackling spiders, even when they’re protected.
– Jump rolling attacks properly.
– Plenty of little fixes to interaction with stunned, stun jumping, and protected baddies.

Check out the new changes for yourself here!

Alright, back to work!


  1. Minifig3D

    Hey, if you wall slide down onto a slope and continue holding towards the wall, fancy pants man freaks out a bit. He seems to be both sliding down the slope and sticking to the wall, so he jitters back and forth.

  2. smileylover

    Weird mouse glitch:

    I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve been here! Awesome level, by the way. I liked the challenge of finding all of the stars. I like the idea of the armored spiders, though it makes the game flow less if you can’t jump on the spiders to kill them. Do you think you could make it so that you can take away the “armor” by heavystomping as well as using the pencil? Other than that, I really like the “armor”.

  3. next one

    Hey, I found a glitch with FPM, in the beginning, if you roll into that wall, SOMETIMES, he teleports outside of the wall, goes to the top, then falls down outside the border of the game, and than you hear the dieing music.

  4. Parttimeninja

    This is just a small glitch, watch it if your bored because it’s not a big one.

    First on page XD

  5. 3Radishes


    also found a glitch after you slide hit the mouse you get stuck in the corner, and then the camera stops following you vertically.

  6. Parttimeninja

    Guys check this out, it’s awesome, I’m pretty sure it’s the highest speed Fancy Pants Man can get to.

    Oh and I’m Joel I just changed my name parttimeninja.

  7. offtopic

    Now that the big glitches are out of the way, I think you should start working on the little things now. Little things such as changing the animation of the backflip when you ramp of one of those circular things to the one in the console game.(I haven’t played it, but I saw a video walkthrough. You should also put in the animation for when you lean against walls and maybe make the rat’s bullets go in different directions and speeds depending on how you hit them.

    • Brad

      I have been adjusting a few minor things, actually. Was going to get a video and new build up today but I wasn’t feeling too good. I played around with the poking a bit, so I’m interested in seeing how people think about it sped up a tiny bit (once that’s uploaded, I mean).

      Also, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Pretty sure that they both still use the same super backflip clip. Unless you’re not not fast enough, then you just drop with the stall jump clip.

  8. Parttimeninja

    @Brad: I was playing pinball, when you jump into the bats they flash as a spider and it won’t let me bounce off of those circle things that you hit the snail into.

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