Caves Performance

Hey everyone, quick question, is Misplaced Caves running worse for you than Squiggleville? Is it running worse than it has been lately? If it is, how much RAM do you have?



    • ICARAX

      But to the point, somewhat. My flash seems to abort the script every now and then (if that’s what you mean) but otherwise its pretty good. Is there something wrong with it that you see? Or are you asking because you are seeing it. :/

      EDIT: for that first comment edit didn’t pop up, so that’s why I had to double post. And also look at this replay of a fancy soccer bycicle kick!


      • Brad

        I do love the kick, was trying to figure out if that should actually knock the shell farther for the longest time, was an extra mode dropped from FPA for console where that would have been really awesome to pull off…

  1. Brad

    Just asking because I saw some comments about it earlier. I moved a few clips around to change how I scroll everything, makes it easier for me to test the Sneak Peek before it goes live.

    I’ve been trying to fix the script hangs, when does that usually happen?

  2. Brad

    Ah, okay, so it wasn’t anything I did in the past few days… I’ll need to have an option to squish all the backgrounds, or skip them. Misplaced is a little on the large side…

  3. Guilhermus Magnus

    Misplaced caves is kinda slowly. Squigleville is also a liiiiitle slow sometimes. the rest is alright. my ram is 0,99 GB.
    Also, the bonus level in the misplaced caves was fast, but sudently the script aborted.

  4. smileylover

    For a few days it was going extremely slowly for me, (as in I could see the individual frames), so slowly that it wasn’t playable. That might have just been the computer though, it worked fine on my mom’s computer. Now it seems a little bit slower than Squiggleville, but not too bad.

  5. qaisjp

    I have 1 gb ram, and it runs slow. Perhaps some quality modifications and options related to video ingame and/or in the right click menu (including what 3radishes said)

  6. thelimedart

    I have 6 GB of ram, and I didn’t notice any difference. Not that that is suprising, but, you know. I did have the game crash on me twice during the snail shell golf course.

    • thelimedart

      And one time when I rolled into the rubber shell, I think I broke it or hit it too hard, and it went through the wall/disappeared. Sorry I dont have the replay, I couldn’t pause with space either (It was on the chrome app).

  7. offtopic

    @Brad: Okay, now only 2 things remain to be fixed:
    1) Change the animation when you’re running and change direction to the one in the header, the World 2 one feels too stiff.
    2) Change the super backflip(The one when you ramp off a loop) to the one in the console game. This one is kind of like a stilted backflip. The one in the console game is the same as the normal backflip.
    btw Will the iOS game ever include multiplayer? Also, does it have remastered World 1 and 2? Is it alike to the console game in every way other than multiplayer?

  8. Aubrey

    Interesting story…..

    I’d say that the misplaced caves are running slowly for me too, but I don’t know what RAM is. Will anyone explain?

  9. khil01

    And of course, I realize you can use the pencil right after posting that, and 15 frustrating minutes later that you go farther when you charge it up. levels fun, thanks brad!

  10. Auad


    I was having fun at the underground pool when that happened.

    I tried to repeat it but I couldn’t.

    You’ll know when you see it:


    sorry for the page..


    What happened to the music? I played the levels and they don’t have it anymore. Did you take it out or is it a glitch?

  12. next one

    same.It’s been like that for 4 or 5 weeks now. And this update isn’t getting a lot ofcomments, so let’s brighten it up a bit.

    @everyone: which level do you think brad is working on at the moment? (no, I don’t mean updates in the sneak peak..)

  13. Brad

    Hey everyone, just a quick heads up, got a HUGE update coming, so I haven’t even made a post for the build that I’ve already uploaded. Trying to make sure there’s a few less bugs than usual, but there’s a good deal of new functionality here (including at least one much requested feature 🙂 )

    Hopefully I’ll be able to upload tomorrow and give a rundown of everything that’s changed, definitely a few new things that I need feedback on.

    On the final stretch, game needs to hurry up and get finished 😀

    • Brad

      If it were up to me, we would port to everything possible, haha. It just takes time and money, and an established payment system with users who can be statistically shown to spend money (iOS’s biggest advantage over Android, honestly).

  14. diego

    No lag what so ever. And my RAM is currently at 4G. Sometimes it gets a little slow, but i just clear my cache and it goes back to normal 😀

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