2012 Update!

Update: another handful of fixes

– Rolling through tunnel problems. Hopefully this addresses previous issues with the tunnels also.
– Hanging: Whoops! Updated hanging to work with the new collision, and tweaked it a big. Finally, you can backflip from ropes!
– Little bug fixes to ground collision while near walls
– Updated the charge in air animation.

Well here we are, the last stretch of development. Finally feels like things are really starting to come together for World 3. I’ve been working on this game forever now, but here’s the push to get the game out of the door!

Got a lot of changes in this update to the Sneak Peek, remember to empty your cache if it’s not updating for you.

– The biggest actual addition is the new air jab. Jabbing felt sort of useless before, it bugged me that there really wasn’t a time to use it over the air spin attack. Now, tapping attack while in the air will perform a powerful jab, a one hit kill against spiders, and a great way to take Ninjas head on! (not to mention jabbing frogs mid jump!)

– I’ve been going over the combat in general, also, trying to make things a bit more fair. It should be harder to get hurt while performing combos on the ground, but the best way to stay alive is still to move around! There’s even a protected time after stomping, so you won’t, say, launch off of a baddie straight into another baddie. Super useful against a swarm of Ninjas.

– 3D camera is finally working properly! Check out the pinball test level, looks awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Spent some time on the tracking for FPM and the shell, should be much better now. Which reminds me, Bats are updated, bob in the air a bit and respawn. Though they probably shouldn’t in the pinball level, oops…

– Tweaked the seesaw platforms in the super hard room, should make them much easier to run up and jump off of.

– Here’s probably the most requested feature: Try hitting the mouse’s bullet now ๐Ÿ˜€ There’s not really a great place to do it in the Sneak Peek, but it’s great fun in Outer Squiggleville.

– I finally gave up and completely changed how I’m handling rotation and collision. Over the Top did it a much easier way for the console, I’m now doing something similar. So if you see any weird teleportation bugs, please send a replay, they should be much easier to fix now.

A few smaller things:

– I revisited the combo system for smacking baddies around. You’ll get a combo going for jumping on multiple baddies (I think I broke that after World 2), or bouncing around them with the air attack, or sliding into one and bouncing on another, or pretty much anything that you can do without touching the ground, wall jumping is fair game! Hmm, makes me want to make a level with a ton of baddies and walls, floor is lava! or something like that… Still need to add a few things, like a combo for the shell hitting things… Show off by hitting a baddie into a wall, headbutting it, then jabbing it into oblivion!

– Dead baddies now can hit other baddies. Not sure if I’ll leave this one in, but it’s pretty hilarious. I hope it doesn’t eat anyone’s computer alive when there’s a ton of baddies. Let me know if performance drops too much for anyone in the combat arena.

– The uh, shell wobbles a bit when bouncing. Yeah…

– And the pencil’s slightly larger… Totally the most important item on this list! Yep…


  1. next one

    A bit long but…


    Found a glitch, when Fancy Pants Man climbed up the wall and grabbed onto the ledge top, his head disappeared, then reappeared. I found a replay:
    (Soz if the page broke)

  3. be fancy forever

    At misplaced caves,the wall left the door we came,on wall running FPM’s head disappears and comes and enter the wall at up(happens at jumping too).

  4. offtopic

    @Brad:Okay, i’ve said this before, but two things are really bugging me:
    1) Change the animation when youโ€™re running and change direction to the one in the header, the World 2 one feels too stiff.
    2) Change the super backflip(The one when you ramp off a loop) to the one in the console game. This one is kind of like a stilted backflip. The one in the console game is the same as the normal backflip.
    btw Will the iOS game ever include multiplayer? Also, does it have remastered World 1 and 2? Is it alike to the console game in every way other than multiplayer?

    • Brad

      Hm, I’ll try loosening it up a bit more in this next upload, but there was so many complaints about the console game feeling too ‘slippery’. It’s still way looser than World 2 was, but we’ll see how this next one feels…

      Why would you want the normal backflip? ๐Ÿ™

      I might, one day. It’s way easier to update Apps than arcade games. Just depends on how it sells.

      The only other difference is that there’s less backgrounds, so the game will run smoother. Oh, and there’s a few less pirates in the main levels, those got pretty annoying…

  5. be fancy forever

    Glitch:At behind the curtain sliding at between misplaced caves and first door you come FPM’s head disappears ‘n comes

  6. next one


    A small glitch: the spider goes down the edge but doesn’t come back up.

    (sry for the page break if there is one)

    and @Pencilmaster: There is a bat, a spider, and a door, instead of a star!!!!! at that time it was still a star, unless brad made a basic version of the snailshell level.

    • Brad

      Well it’s steep :/

      Then again, I was doing that so they wouldn’t go upside down and fall off ramps. They wouldn’t do that anymore, and they should flip around, hmm.

  7. diego

    Hope this helps: found a glitch snailshell bonus level. I hit the shell with the pencil and the shell flew away and then got stuck on midair. When it finally fell down, on the hole, I walked out the door and the game just crashed.

  8. diego

    Hey, I was just wondering if your gonna make the same updates for the console version. you know the air jab, baddies bouncing against, deflect te mouse bullet. (pretty awesome :D) cause the update looks great and it would be great to have it on console too you know.

  9. offtopic

    Come on Brad, change the super backflip!!! The current one feels a bit too stilted and unnatural. The one in the console game, at least what i’ve seen from the trailers feels smooth and more suited to FPM.

  10. Daniel

    The hard room in FPA Sneak Peek is impossible.I can’t jump of the first bouncy thing to another.

    • Brad

      Yup, I broke those platforms ๐Ÿ™

      I’ve fixed them in my working build alright, but haven’t had a chance to update the Sneak Peek yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon…

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