More Battling

Let’s see if we can keep this going as a weekly event. Tonight (Saturday, Feb 18th), 6:00 CST, I’ll be switching between XBLA and PSN. Quick Match -> Player Match. See you online!


    • ICARAX

      think about it, huh? Brad is in the proccess of making world 3. He has to finish that, and the IOS version! They are coming out at the same time! Wait for that first. 😀 Then he might think about that. but itd be cool, no doubt.

    • Brad

      Maybe, I think it’s best to think of them as two different games. The Flash game is more of a ‘Director’s Cut’, while the console game has more content, is more cohesive, online, more diverse levels from Over the Top, that sort of thing.

  1. shuansown

    dude i missed this twice i just will remember this time the first time i was beating uncharted 2(i rented it) but the last time i just did not know! guuuuur this time ill be there its at 5:00 cst? right

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