App Update

So, right behind Apple’s own just released iPhoto, not a bad place to be!

Just wanted to address a few things. Hopefully, this page will come up if you’ve had trouble with the game and you Google around a bit.

Update: Build has been submitted to Apple, no idea how long it’ll take to go through, though.

Game size on phone: There was a slight error in packing up the game, and it expands to 1.1 gigs once installed. This is why the game isn’t installing on devices that have less than 1.1 gigs left, even though the filesize says under 300 megs in the App Store.

Save games disappearing: Apparently, progress is being lost when the game is started up again. Force quitting the game (double tap home, close the icon from the quick launch bar) and starting up the game again may restore the save file.

An update is coming soon that addresses both issues. File size on phone will be only slightly more than the download size. I don’t know if save files can be restored, but I’ll check.

Many apologies for any inconveniences you’re experiencing, I just wanted to let everyone know that Over the Top addressed both problems as soon as we knew about them, and an update is imminent!

Thank you so much, and I hope that you can enjoy the game even more in the future!


  1. Minifig3D

    Eh, Brad, could you fix this small error in your post? “and starting up the game again the game again may restore” You said the game again twice. My OCD is killing me here. Thanks. 🙂

    • Brad

      Just the latest rumors about the Wii U, 720 (durango / aka Kinect 2.0 or whatever), and Sony’s insistence that the ps3 is on a 10 year life cycle (which it better be, if Sony ever wants to make any money ever).

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