Fancy Pants hits 3rd place in paid apps on App Store!!

Wow, this is absolutely incredible. The Fancy Pants Adventures closes out its first day on the App Store in 3rd place!


So a huge thanks to every single person who bought the app and contributed to The Fancy Pants Adventure’s current success on the App Store!


  1. next one

    I really need to get an iPhone now! I bought the app then I synced it to my dad’s very old iPod touch, and the version was 1 too old!!! ;(

    But now that is amazing brad! Topping Angry Birds, Angry Birds seasons, cut the rope, and Fruit ninja! our competion is now Bejeweled and Draw something by…


  2. Auad

    Wow, incridible!
    I feel kinda proud (even though I contribute to nothing, but whatever)

    I can’t buy an iPhone, so.. Brad, I NEED WORLD3!!!!
    btw, congrats Brad!

  3. mikeweiser

    Hi Brad!

    I was really impressed with Fancy Pants. ย It’s a great game!

    I compose and produce music and sound effects for animation, games, film, tv, audiobooks, and iPhone/iPad applications. ย 

    If you’re in need of original music, sound design/effects or audio editing for any of your apps, or know any other developers that are looking for such services, please let me know! You can check out my online portfolio here:

    Nice job on all your application development so far! ย Let me know if I can be involved with future apps as well as updates of current software.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mike Weiser

  4. Colin

    I love the game, but when I opened it up yesterday night, my save was gone. Is there a way to get it back? I was on level 10, so I’m hoping there is.

    • Brad

      Sincerest Appologies for the trouble, there is a known bug with save files, we’ll be submitting a fix on Monday, but I don’t know how long that’ll take to go live. Let me ask Over the Top if the save is recoverable, I’m guessing that it isn’t, unfortunately.

  5. g26curtis

    I am trying to get gold on all arcade and the only one i have yet to beat on gold is the combo in the spa, i can only get 25000 at max and i need 30000 how are you suppost to do it.

  6. johnnyv

    Today I got and 100% completion of the whole game. And I’m still not bored of it! Also a while ago my data was deleted. It said zero for everything. But I closed the app in the background and started it up again and everything was back to normal. Idk if I got lucky or something but after that the games been working perfectly for me

  7. Aubrey

    The same thing happened to me, except I haven’t finished the game and it won’t start back from where I’m at. I know you’re supposed to save before exiting, but there isn’t an actual save option. I assumed that the game saves once you finished a level, and that seemed to work. Will I have to start over, or is there something I can fix? I had just gotten the pencil, too…

    • Brad

      Haha, it’s selling well right now, but remember, we’re still only making 99 cents per sale. We’ll have to see how the numbers hold up…

      World 3 should help push even more sales, though.

  8. sonicboom9004

    Brad, for ios (just an idea) can u move the pencil button a litlle over to the left? or have a button configuration in options ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Brad

      I’d definitely like to have some control customization in the game. We just didn’t have time to before release. But, like I always say, it’s a million times easier to update iOS games than console games.

  9. AJ32

    Brad, can you put the .fla file of the Ninja Animation online?
    It would be fun to make own ninja animations for the baddie room.
    Also, will the baddie room from the sneakpeek be available in the full flash game, in a hidden bonus door?

  10. Parttimeninja

    Here’s some cool glitches I found, I thought some of you guys would enjoy watching the replays.

    This one is in the pinball room, it wouldn’t let me jump on the orange platforms.


    This one is a glitch with the snail.


    Ok this one is awesome you guys have to watch this!


    Ok that’s all of them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. jesus_minime

    I was just looking through the reviews. I’m sure you’d have #1 if it weren’t for the stupid glitch some people are having where it won’t save. They see it fit to lower the average rating by giving it a 1 star because they have incompatibility issues. Basically everyone who was able to play it give it a 5/5.

    • Brad

      Yeah, I should probably make a post about it, I hope that people are actually Googling about it instead of just giving up. The update should be going through soon, and luckily, the updates are rated individually, so the newest version should be better rated.

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