I’m going to need a moment…


*walks away*


(still hoping for a surprise reveal from Nintendo)


ETA:  Is there anything y’all want me to focus on?


  1. dogman

    what an underwhelimng ending… at least pikmin 3 seemed totally awesome and super mario bros wii u. Oh and project p 100 from platinum games which they didn’t show for whatever reason. I was waiting for a new 3ds D:

  2. Minifig3D

    You know, the wonderbook thing yesterday was kind of cool in retrospect. All of the interactivity you can have with it is kinda like how Tony Stark modified his ironman suit. Only instead of holographics in 3d, they are displayed on the screen along with you. You could easily make something like that that would let you design a hologram suit around your hand on the screen… Or maybe I am just over thinking this.

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