1. Minifig3D

    Ah, there it is. I did wonder how the wunder book appeared in real life. In a commercial, they can make it look amazing, but until a hands-on review, I never trust em. I don’t really know why it intrigued me so much. I don’t even own any consoles…

  2. Vick

    I agree with the PlayStation Heros thing being a rip-off, I’m just hoping for Sony’s sake that their keeping the new/different things hidden until closer to the release. I personally just want to know what Rocksteady’s working on.

    Oh, and “The Last of Us”, apparently Naughty Dog is going for gold again.

    • FairlyObvious

      I didn’t forget about this. It’s been busy month, all of our friends decided to get married, haha.
      I’ve got the basic thing down, just doing a bit more looking around before posting.

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