E3- Sony

I’m going to go through Sony’s presentation now. I’ll briefly hit on Nintendo in the next post, but I want to wait until after the Developer Roundtable to put any final thoughts on here. Unless y’all want my first thoughts from watching the presentation.

Sony was going to beat Microsoft at this point, no matter what. They could have showed up and run the entire presentation from LAST YEAR and I think everyone would have still been more overwhelmed with it.

However, I’m still annoyed with their knock off Super Smash Bros title. It was one of those moments when you’re playing a flash game and then realize someone basically took another popular flash game and reskinned it. You almost want to just spit on the computer screen (but hopefully refrain from it).

Last of Us: Okay, I enjoyed watching this game play out. My favorite part? THE CHICK ACTUALLY DID STUFF!! Main character out of ammo? She throws someone at the bad guy to get his attention! Main character getting choked to death? She shows up with a knife and stabs the bad guy! THANK YOU!!!! I’m so sick and tired of the girls being protected just standing there and cowering in a corner like breaking a nail is akin to break their neck.

The visual affects were beautiful too. I could seriously get into playing this game. Especially since I don’t feel like I’ll be yelling at the secondary character.

God of War looked pretty sweet with the whole controlling of the elements. I got a nice chuckle when he shifted the guy away from a spear being thrown. But seriously MOAR KRAKEN!!! (kidding) At this point the Kraken is so freakin popular I think they should just make a game centered around that thing. I’m joking, oh God please don’t, no unless it’s a reskinning of Nintendogs. You get your own little Kraken to nurture and care for, and if you don’t feed it, it eats you!

Beyond looks crazy gorgeous, but I’ll reserve my judgement until I actually get a better idea of what the game is about. It looks pretty, but I didn’t get to see much so it could end up just being absolutely boring or have horrible facial rendering randomly.


btw to reflect back on Microsoft: I am incredibly interested in the new Gears of War. I think my brain completely went numb on that conference so I completely skipped over it in my head. After going over all of the Sony stuff I remembered seeing it and getting rather excited. Baird and Cole, that should be some amazing dialogue.




ETA: WUNDERBOOK! How in the heck did I forget about the dang Wunderbook! My bad, how could I remember the wunderbook. Seriously, all of the people playing that looked so dang awkward I wanted to go hide under my sheets. It’s like you could see the thought bubbles appearing:

“Don’t mess this up, it’s a freakin book, you can do this. Spell WHY U NOT WORK! Oh wait, there it goes, oh no! Gate y u not open!? Ah there we go.”

Honestly, I can’t imagine my kids playing that. I’d rather them read an actual book, or a pop up book. I see more 40 year olds buying the JK Rowling spell book.

Oh snap! Twilight! That’s the next thing. Glitter vampires EVERYWHERE!

Did I really just say “oh snap”, I need to stop . . .


  1. Minifig3D

    Ah, there it is. I did wonder how the wunder book appeared in real life. In a commercial, they can make it look amazing, but until a hands-on review, I never trust em. I don’t really know why it intrigued me so much. I don’t even own any consoles…

  2. Vick

    I agree with the PlayStation Heros thing being a rip-off, I’m just hoping for Sony’s sake that their keeping the new/different things hidden until closer to the release. I personally just want to know what Rocksteady’s working on.

    Oh, and “The Last of Us”, apparently Naughty Dog is going for gold again.

    • FairlyObvious

      I didn’t forget about this. It’s been busy month, all of our friends decided to get married, haha.
      I’ve got the basic thing down, just doing a bit more looking around before posting.

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