E3 Microsoft

Well guys. I would say that Trey Parker summed up Microsoft’s presentation nicely:

“How many times have you thought I want to watch this on my TV while listening to my mobile device which is being controlled by my tablet device which is hooked into my oven all while sitting in my refrigerator?”


Seriously, if Microsoft keeps this up they should just hire Trey Parker to summarize their presentation in five minutes and save all the money so they can resurrect Michael Jackson for the next dance game. By the way Microsoft people, I saw what you did there with your “ushering in” after Usher finished his dance moves on the stage. Well done *slow clap*

By the way, NO I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO YELL AT MY SCREEN! Can you just imagine having Kinect on while playing some “hardcore” title?

“XBox &#&@#%$@*$!!!! NO DONT SEARCH THAT!!!”

That was possibly the biggest disappointment. I came away with nothing from that presentation.

Yes there was Halo 4, but it did not feel like Halo 4 whatsoever. Sorry, it did not look like Halo 4 and halfway through the footage Brad noted that the game was playing exactly like Metroid. He’s right and other sites noted that too. The whole approach was different, the colors and the graphics, and the enemy encounters just were slightly off.

Then there was Tom Cuh-lancy’s Splinter Cell which about thirty seconds into it I threw my hands up in the air and said “Snaaaaaaaake!” because good lord it reminded me Metal Gear Solid.

So Microsoft, you underwhelmed me. Thanks…

More tomorrow…



  1. fancypantsfan250

    So I guess Fairly watches South Park then?

    Anyway, figures Microsoft would go on the decline starting with Kinect. If Halo 4 can’t save them then… I don’t know what to think.

    For the record, I’ve been pretty anti-Microsoft BECAUSE of Halo.

  2. Parttimeninja

    Your right, Halo 4 doesn’t look as much like halo (with the graphics anyway) but for the storyline, even if Bungie stayed and made Halo 4 it would still have the same storyline as 343 is making. When Bungie left 343 studios with Halo, they also gave them something called the Halo Story Bible. This contains the whole storyline, future and past. 343 signed a contract with bungie that said they had to follow the halo story bible’s storyline or thy would be sewed.

    Graphics don’t make Halo awesome, it’s the storyline.

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