Nintendo E3

Well, I was trying to figure out how best to word this post, but I couldn’t’ find a way so I’m just writing.

Despite the fact that Nintendo was fully introducing the Wii U at this point, they didn’t have too much to offer. There were so many other presentations after the big one that I was hoping there were a few surprises in store. Not so much. The roundtable seemed to focus most on Nintendoland and the 3DS presentation was basically a recap of the E3 presentation. I mean, REALLY?

You’d think that since they were naming something “Wii U” they might have a little motivation to do something spectacular with it. Nintendo just fell back on games that everyone KNEW were coming to Wii U (such as Mario, Nintendo = Mario) and offered nothing new for fans to drool over. All of the presentations were “safe”.

I was expecting something crazy like a new F-Zero or even an awesome third part addition like Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright. Shoot, they could have easily put Layton and Wright on the Wii U.

Oh! Or Mario Paint! F-Zero and Mario Paint were the two I was crossing my fingers for.

Trust me, with all of the potential retro games being brought back going through my head I was sorely disappointed with everything Nintendo brought forth.

Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me later but the last two E3 presentations have been absolutely bland.

Someone mentioned Madden and FIFA in a comment on a previous post. While the new features may be cool, it’s still underwhelming. We all knew those would be announced, that doesn’t help the pain and disappointment I feel. 🙁

Btw I’ll make a post on the Lego games. While obviously geared more towards the younger crowd. The whole thing just has the potential to be very interesting, especially with the way the dialogue seems to be written.


  1. Minifig3D

    Sorry for your disappointment with Nintendo. I’ve heard both extremes in terms of what people think of the wii U as well. I am mostly afraid it is gonna be really expensive, with those new controllers with video screens in them. The price should come down after a while though, just like the wii did. Heh, the wii had at least 2 major price cuts before its sales really picked up.

  2. Random Comments

    Layton vs. Wright is 3rd party, so that’s not Nintendo’s choice. I was impressed with the Wii U, but not necessarily the games. I wish they had mentioned Animal Crossing and the TWO Layton games we are owed, Layton and the Miracle Mask and Layton vs. Wright. Level-5 even trademarked Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask before E3, and that has always meant in the past that we would get a trailer and release date. 🙁

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