And We’re Back

Finally, after the long, exhausting, almost three year long journey that was The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3, I had to disappear from the internet a bit to regain some of my lost sanity. But I’m back, and more ready than ever to, I dunno, attempt to do awesome things at the Internet?

So what’s been going on these past few months? Lots, actually. First and foremost, I celebrated my first Fathers Day (:D) last Sunday, I’ve also been working on the Grateful Dead online game with Curious Sense. The first part of it is out now, and there’s some really awesome additions coming soon. Just make sure to register and create your own avatar, a lot of code went into making those little guys customizable! Disappear for awhile, come back with a launched game, not too bad, eh?

TommyLM and I have begun discussing Fraser’s Ride again, so expect to see some updates on that, finally! I can say, though, it looks WAY more awesome right now than it did the last time you saw it. I’ve also learned a bunch of code while working on W3 that should help make that development far easier.

I’ve also finally upgraded my audio / video equipment, so I’m itching to get back on YouTube and talk about teh gamez again. Anything you guys would like me to address, relating to W3 development, perhaps?

Been playing a lot of games recently, I’ll make a post later so I can go more in detail about the games I’m playing, since those usually have a pretty big influence on the games I’m working on.

And last but not least, I’ve got some cool ideas on how to get the Borne Games community more involved in some game making, so check out our forums for my latest hair-brained schemes.


    • Brad

      Hm, I definitely enjoyed Limbo, but I know that not everyone did. It’s one of those games where I’d be better at talking about what they did right, delve into how they did the things that I like, what I’d want to attempt to do better, that sort of thing. Then again, that’s probably how I’d review most anything…

      To me, a review shouldn’t be much more than, this is what I liked, this is what I didn’t like. The idea of a non-biased review just baffles me.


    First and foremost, I celebrated my first Fathers Day (:D)

    Wait wait.. You have a child?!

    Oh, and I really like the idea of getting the BGF community more involved.

    And AJs last idea is brilliant.

  2. AJ32

    One more thing: What’s up with Chuck and Norris?
    @Brad: When will you finally start to post photos of you with various pets on your shoulders? Waiting for that since three years…

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