Fancy Pants Experiments

Sup Internet! Yup, Brad again, popping my head out to say hi yet again. I know things have been even quieter than usual around here, I put a lot of things on hold while working on World 3 / FPA on consoles, and so I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up on those things recently (fixing up the house taking up the most time lately).

But, not to worry! There’s still plenty going on behind the scenes, even if there’s no new big game announcements at this moment.

– Cornell Tour Pack for the Grateful Dead: Epic Tour online game

Play online here

I posted about the Epic Tour a few months back, but now there’s a new tour available online for 99 cents. Various enhancements have made it back to the original levels, and there’s a few levels leading up to the station that are new (and still free!). You’re able to collect 6 multitrack recordings and mix them how you like in the Cornell levels, so I think that’s a really good deal.

The Fancy Box

I’ve been getting the itch to work on something Fancy Pants related lately, so I wanted to start experimenting with features that weren’t able to make it into the FPA console game. I have a 2 player battle mode (Smash Bros. influenced, of course) up and running, but keep an eye out for something that hasn’t been seen by the public yet that I’m very excited about.

Oh, and I’ve made a package available for download that allows anyone to build their own Fancy Pants levels.

No clue where this is going, but I’m not above making an excuse to play with Fancy Pants Adventures a bit more!

Check out the Fancy Box here. Click on 2 players and ‘custom: Level4’ for a ‘smashing’ battle! 2 players could certainly use some beta testing. Normal baddies are a bit broken at the moment, though.

a s and tfgh for player 2, ; ‘ and arrows for player 1.

Check out this thread in the forum to try your hand at creating levels.

That’s it for now, now go make some awesome levels so I can play them and highlight them on the site!


  1. A Wizard

    Unfortunently the fancy box stuff hasnt worked for me before, but I havent tried very hard (is there something else I should be doing other than just clicking the link?). Glad to have an update though!

  2. Aubrey

    It sounds like you have a lot of interesting projects going on. the two player stuff and making custom levels sounds like a great idea!
    It’s weird sometimes to think that World 3 is already finished. Seems like just a month ago that people were leaving hundreds and hundreds of comments on something World 3 related. Now the comments sections are practically empty.
    For April Fool’s, Brad should say that he’s starting on FPA 4….

    • Brad

      No kidding, I’ve been working on World 3 for what, like 3 years (planning until launching the Flash game)?

      Feels like Flash World 3 ended up being less of a deal than World 2 because of the console game. Or because Adobe continues to destroy Flash, one or the other…

      I’m sure things will pick up again once I start working on my next big game, though.

  3. The Creator

    Finally, a post from Brad himself!! 😮 amazing

    Two player is a really cool addition, but unfortunately my keyboard can’t handle all the button presses at the same time, so no 2 player epicness for me 🙁

    Wow, I played through the 3rd level for about 20 minutes, jumping around and having fun, and it wasn’t until just now that I realized what the platforms actually were xD Crossing my fingers and hoping for teleports in world 4 because that would be genius! 🙂

    • Brad

      Mine neither, actually (are you on bluetooth? my laptop handles it just fine). What I do is hook up 2 Wii remotes though bluetooth to get around that (best way to do 2 player by far), but I’ll have to make another customizable keys setting for player 2 also.

      Teleportation? Might have something in mind 😀 I haven’t used inter-level doors since World 1 Level 1, have I…?

  4. gelukkig ik

    Are you aware there are a few problems with the water? Sometimes (I have got it multiple times now) the game crashes as soon as I jump up into the water. The other problem is the splashy sound, which often does not stop playing for the duration of an entire life.

  5. Uuh

    I see what you did there at level 3, Brad, luckily I can read Greek, “τελεπορτ” with the corresponding English letter reads “teleport”

  6. Adomenatoon

    Hey brad im sorry to see that alot of people just left. i come back to this website once in a while, seeing how your doing. looks great btw thinking of any new game idea’s? or how about youtube videos?

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