New Game Out! SCD of Re-Mission 2!

Yes, you read that right! I actually have a new game out! Re-Mission 2 has gone live from HopeLab, and it’s made up of collection of smaller games this time around.

I did Stem Cell Defender, it’s mostly inspired by Nuclear Eagle (I was even able to team up with Luka again, which was great), but plays differently and I think has a feel of its own.

Check it out!

(I actually prefer playing with ‘auto-fling’ turned on, it’s a bit faster)


      • Vick

        That sounds really fun, I actually didn’t have a problem with NE though… wierd.

        The inherent problem with a mouse is that you’re using a device that (unless you have one of those super-fancy gamer-mice) gives no feedback and is stuck at one exact level of sensitivity for the entire duration of whatever you’re doing unless you actively stop and change it. Humans, on the other hand, (barring special circumstances) can adjust on the fly no problem, which I guess means “sticky reticle” is somehow realistic?

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