E3 2013! (Xbox, Go Home!)

I may not be posting often nowadays, but I couldn’t let an E3 go by without a bit of discussion, so here we are.

Not too much to talk about yet, for me, at least. Microsoft had a decent conference, but the move from video games as a product to video games as service is just completely at odds with how I want to play games. Nothing really looked amazing, and the Xbox (I refuse to call it The One, blech) and PS4 are so similar, other than the PS4’s power advantage, that I just found myself saying, ‘eh, it’ll just look better on PS4’ for every non-exclusive game shown. I think it says a lot that I spent most of the time playing Animal Crossing on my 3DS while MS dangled explosions, gunplay, and set pieces in front of my face, to no avail (I’m starting to think that Nintendo games are created primarily for adults, weird as that sounds).

But seriously, a serial code for every disk game? Can’t easily lend to a friend? Can’t bring a disk over to a friend’s house and quickly play a few rounds without logging in to your account and installing the entire game? Just, what the heck, Microsoft?? I already hated online passes, and I mostly hate DLC, but this is just one giant step even more terrible.

So, Sony’s conference. Not bad, not bad. I’m pretty excited for Second Son, The Order looks like it could be a ton of fun, oh, and Destiny actually looked much better than I though it would (figured it would be more MMO-y, but I like the current direction of ‘suddenly multiplayer’ during single player or co-op play).

I’m obviously writing this post because, once again, I’m stupidly hyped for Nintendo’s conference (er, Direct). Not many ways they can mess this one up, for once. New 3D Mario, NEW (best game series ever) SMASH BROS TRAILER! Even without new hardware launches, Nintendo could knock this out of the park for me by showing actual ‘next gen’ gameplay, which I still haven’t seen yet from the far beefier consoles.

Nintendo conference insta-wins:

– Smash Bros looks more Melee than Brawl (NO TRIPPING!!!)
– 3D Mario looks huge and epic and ‘feels’ new, like Galaxy did, but in larger levels, like Mario 64
– Retro shows a new IP and it looks amazing
– New Star Fox
– New F-Zero (please oh please oh please)
– 2.5D sidescrolling Metroid on 3DS
– Show something that uses the GPGPU to create new gameplay, like manipulating physics, new interactions, cool new stylus driven interactions, etc

Nintendo conference fails:

– More 3DS games than Wii U games
– Wii Sports U or Wii Fit U as main focus
– Mario Party U as main focus
– Wii Music U shown at all
– Any other minor Nintendo IPs given main focus on Wii U (Nintendogs, Brain Age, etc)

Can’t wait to see what Retro’s been working on, can’t wait to see if X looks as amazing as Xenoblade, AND DID I MENTION I WAS EXCITED FOR A NEW SMASH BROS?

Come on, Nintendo, don’t mess this up!

Will be back tomorrow to complain if Nintendo messes this up >:D


  1. WJUK

    I think everyone agrees that the the MS approach to used-games is a bad idea.

    However, E3 has shown quite a few games that I’m genuinely quite excited for.
    -New Battlefront
    -Tom Clancy’s The Division (looked very good)

    I’m hoping Nintendo show some good stuff!

  2. A Wizard

    I’m pretty sure this makes me the worst gamer in history, but I don’t even really pay attention to E3. Or anything video game related… Should I consider myself a gamer?… Well, I play some games… Kind of… I think… Oh well. Anyway, yeah, I probably won’t be buying the Xbox One. I still haven’t bought a Wii U, because I’ve been waiting for the new Super Smash Bros to come out. (WAIT! That’s a game I play! Super Smash Bros!) Looks like it’s about time I buy one, though I can’t think of any other games I want to play on it… Oh and by the way way, (as you can probably see, I’m pretty poorly informed) does anyone know if you can play Brawl or Melee on the Wii U? Maybe only Brawl? And if so, do you know what kind of controller support they have? Such as the Pro Controller? Or just the Gamepad thing? Or (hopefully not) do they want you to plug in a Wii controller to play Wii games on the Wii U? Or (hopefully) can you use a Gamecube controller? I don’t think any Super Smash Bros game would feel quite the same without a Gamecube controller. But maybe the Gamepad isn’t too terrible. And the Pro controller looks pretty good. Anyway, yeah, I probably should keep up with the video game industry a little better, but I probably won’t. Actually, Brad is pretty much my only source of video game news. Which is sort of good, but sort of bad…

    • Brad

      Haha, well, most people who see lots of movies don’t specifically call themselves ‘movie goers’, so there’s definitely different levels to it, it’s funny how easily people who play games will call themselves gamers. So ya, you don’t have to keep up with all of it to play and enjoy video games 😉

      So, Brawl on Wii U, you can only use the Wiimotes, so those or the classic controllers, but there’s adaptors out that lets you use GameCube controllers as classic controllers, I’d imagine that it would be best for Brawl. There’s a bit of hacking going on in the Wii mode of the Wii U, but I haven’t heard anything about opening up Pro Controllers for use as classic controllers (Nintendo’s just now letting us remap buttons in VC games, so they have a bit of a hardcore purist thing going on, for better or worse). Though, it’s ridiculously stupid that Nintendo won’t let us play Wii games on the Gamepad. No way that’s difficult for them to do, the GPU in the Wii U is literally just like a PC GPU with two monitors pugged into it, just route the signal to both! Let us use the gamepad and remap buttons to Wii remote and nunchuck buttons, able to assign one of them as ‘waggle’, bah.

      But yes, Smash Bros is coming, buy a Wii U! No excuses!

  3. The Creator

    I think it is safe to assume that super smash bros was the ace from nintendo this E3, it’s nice to see the characters updated and in HD, plus the new appearences such as the villager from animal crossing (it surprised me that you were into Animal Crossing to be honest), megaman of course and my favourite, THE WII FIT TRAINER, I don’t know why but I always smile when I think about her being in the new smash bros game, it’s good to see more female characters getting attention… the question is though, with the inclusion of wii fit trainer, will nintendo be able to keep smah brothers a kids friendly game?! XD Lol jk.

    It’s sad though that nintendo seems to get so little attention at E3 this year, everyone keeps talking about the two next gen consoles and why the xbox sucks, but completely forgets that we already have a next gen console in front of our very eyes, recieving soon some pretty neat games like pikmin 3 and sonic lost world. I am still very uncertain if I want to buy a ps4 or a wii U for this generation since both are impressing :S I also wonder if kingdom hearts 3 will be heading to the wii U… it has to, they have produced so many Kingdom hearts ds games now it would make no sense to not release it on the wii U when the freaking xbox gets it 😐

    But now… it is time for something entirely different.. it is time… to play the last of us!! :mrgreen:

  4. NGrolemodel

    i agree xbox has sucked for awhile now and they just made themselves a deep hole to die on with the xbone and anyone who buys it is an idiot

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