1. squiggleinator3000

    OMGOMGOMG!!!!! awsumnessssss!!!! The performance is MUCH better!!!!!!!! By the way that land to run animation 😯 😯 *mindblown* !!

  2. dat fancy swager

    Finally I change my username,Anyways nice new animation for fancypants however flash seems to be taking 100 percent of my CPU.I kinda hope that world 4 or the remake of world 1 won’t hog my CPU like world 3 did,It almost made it unplayable cuz it was soooooo s l o w.(oh yea this is super fancypants I hated that name.)

    • Brad

      Well first off, the more CPU the game is taking up, the smoother it’s going to play. The new engine scales between 15 and 60 fps, I might add an option for locking the game to 30 fps after launch, though.

      How does it play, though? The AS3 engine should be way more efficient than the old one, though World 3 and 4 will take up more CPU since they have more backgrounds than the Remix.

      Is there a problem with the game running at 100% CPU usage? You’re not web browsing while playing the game, are you? haha.

      Oh, right, dropping the quality down to medium should lower CPU by 10 – 20 percent. I’m also smoothing the foreground bitmaps, should have an option to turn that off eventually also.

      • dat fancy swager

        The gaming feel of the AS3 is where it should be however I’ve been noticing some CPU spike when I play. Every time It hits 100 percent that’s when the frames start skipping or just starts to slows down. But at least that’s only when i start playing it (once it loads up) doesn’t really happen that often. But now come to think of it, It could be the web browser that I’m using. (i did some testing of the web browsers and here are the result.)

        Google Chrome – AWFUL
        Firefox – NOT BAD
        Safari – pretty good (weird):?
        Opera – not bad better than Firefox
        IE – 😆 don’t make me laugh (Didn’t even bother)
        Oh, Just in case if you are wondering what pc am using its Windose xp 64 bit. (yea yea i know its old OK i wish i can upgrade.) 🙄

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