Streaming Some Multiplayer FPA!

Going to be playing some multiplayer FPA on PlayStation 3 with Giniro Shourai on his Twitch channel in a few minutes. Come chat and bug me about World 4!

Edit: Offline! Anyone able to catch the stream?


    • Brad

      I know I know! Sorry I haven’t been around! Please keep an ear out, though, things should start moving forward again soon and I’ll finally be able to dedicate some time to the forum / comments / posts / videos and all that stuff.

      I’ll try to stop by sooner rather than later, though!

      • Marcelo1999

        Okay, but when you plan to return to post and comment in the forum? Since the beginning of this month some former members of the forum are returning to participate in the Forum. WJUK, Wingdemon, DaxterSpeed, FFA, KCYF. Until some time ago the Forum was dead. (sorry for spelling errors as they do not speak English)

          I have a question. It’s about a level of FPM I’m doing in Flash. If you do not have time to answer, fine. But I was looking for you for 4 months to ask for it.

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