Announcing Flappy Pants Stupid One Button Infinite Runner Joyride Chronicles!

Whelp, since Flappy Bird was downloaded slightly more times than Fancy Snowboarding (approximately eleventy billion if my math is correct) so to claim my much deserved cashy money, World 4 will be reengineered into yet another One Button Infinite Runner that the gaming populous clearly has an insatiable appetite for!


MMMMM! Betcha can’t wait to mash your meaty digits all over your science fiction device of choice to cause your character to jump… and nothing else! Muwhahahaha!


  1. Batman

    Very funny brad. How about a world 3/fpa style update tomorrow? I miss checking your site and being greeted with all that fancy CONTENT.

  2. AJ32

    Thanks for “AprilFoolsDuh.gif”!

    I guess you took a random W4 level and added some Mario/Flappy Bird pipes. This looks like it could be a tutorial level for W4 (which is strange, since the “Tutor1” file I downloaded one year ago has purple platforms).

    • Brad

      Haha, in case the joke went over anyone’s head…

      Funnily enough, the level file is Tutor2 at the moment, though it’s more of a testbed for new features than a real tutorial (though I guess Tutor1 was also). But yeah, for all intents and purposes, this is a W4 level right now, though the art style probably isn’t final.

      Though those pipes kinda make me think I should have more spiky obstacles to jump through like that, it’s quite fun.

      Don’t worry, I’ll have some goodies for key holders to play around with once more is revealed πŸ˜€

  3. RadOtakuZero

    All I can get out of this picture and comments are…
    1) Inkboarding? (I assume pressing up against that “wall” will do the action)
    2) An ink volcano? (In the background)
    3) Rail grinding (Similar to Sonic Adventure 2 grinding)
    4) Downslide- happens after second pipe (Evidence that this won’t be a 1 button game)
    5) An unfinished “Tutor2” level (may appear in final version of the game)
    …I may be missing a few small details here and there, but this is all I can gather up. Great job on this sneak peak!

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