World 4, Let’s Play!

Oh man has it been awhile. I absolutely love keeping everyone a behind the scenes view while I’m working on a game, but World 4 is just a huge game. Since new info has been pretty scarce lately, I wanted to give you guys a nice big unfiltered view of World 4, so I enlisted my 4-year-old and Fancy Pants testing enthusiast Seth to run though a few of the earlier levels.

We run and stomp and attack through 3 full levels, and hey, if this was World 1, that would be the entire game already! Like I said, World 4 is going to be HUGE, so I hope that at least makes up for the lack of development updates in the end. Let me know if you enjoy this type of video, it’s still quicker than planning something specific (I do way too many re-takes), and I’ve worked the bugs out of the recording processes.

Do you even Fancy Pants??
Click for some World 4!

I think it was getting passed Seth’s bedtime near the end there, he was going nuts O.O


  1. SunnyMcHatterson

    Aww, hey. Don’t make fun of World 1, I love that one a lot, even though it’s short. Also I’ll skip over the video updates, mostly because I don’t wanna spoil anything for myself. I want it to be a big surprise, just like when I first found World 1. A magical moment indeed. Anyways, it’s nice to see a new update here, it’s been a month or so. I’m glad to see everybody’s in such high spirits, I am too, awaiting the newest adventure! I can’t wait! 😀

  2. zgmeister

    man, brad its looking great so im guessing more than 11 levels? amazing but i assume that we are getting close to the release of w4 which makes me really excited cant wait your kids pretty damn good at fp for a 4 year old so cool vid keep em coming! :fpm: :woot:

  3. Auad

    “Oh, the spider helped ya!”

    Oh man, I remember I used that trick to do super speedruns of World 2. At points I would let the spiders hit me from above to get to a part of the level I wasn’t supposed to get yet.

    World 4 looks great, the sliding looks fun.

        • AJ32

          I don’t know any spider in Level 5 that could help you get up a platform.
          I know some weird tricks in Level 5, but none of them involves any interaction with a spider…

          • Auad

            I checked it here to make sure, since it’s been so long I didn’t remember. You’re right, the trick I was thinking of didn’t have a spider. I probably thought there was because there was always a spider nearby. There is, however, a platform with a mouse where you can use the trick on level 5. Regardless, World 2 is plastered with these.

    • Fancypantsmaster1

      This is from October 2016. The 2 levels after the cave are incomplete in the video. And since World 4 is releasing next month (or even a few weeks), go look at the latest post. It should have lots of stuffs. (Watch the video in the post)

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