Checking In

Hey guys!

We’re still here! Just trying to cram everything we want into the last remaining time before release (remember we said before the end of the year, that’s still the plan!). Brad has been working  a lot on animations! He’s done some really interesting stuff and hopefully we can get another video out soon. Brad wants to save some of the new stuff for the lead up to release because he doesn’t want to post a ton of spoilers.

However,  I can tell you that we have artists working with Brad on the levels. I’m actually really excited about the artists Brad is talking to because I’m a fan of their art styles and I’ve loved their interpretations of Brad’s style so far. I’m very picky about art in FPA so I guarantee you’ll like what they’re delivering. Once I have some solid level shots for y’all we’ll get into who they are.

Here’s some new animation for y’all to check out:



  1. Vick

    Just a slightly off topic question, is the new game going to still be using Flash or did Brad switch to a different platform such as Unity? I don’t really need details, I’m just asking because playability may be an issue if it’s still using Flash.

      • Vick

        It’s been a while since I was more of a “hardcore” Flash gamer, nowadays I much prefer my PS4 so I had to look up Starling, based on what I saw it looks promising though.

        That being said I’d have found a way anyway, I am NOT going to be denied World 4 even if my Mac gets all babyish about Flash games.

    • FairlyObvious

      Nothing is ever 100% confirmed until the actual release but we’d be crazy not to.

      So I’ll be able to tell you soon if you need to haul us away in strait jackets.

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