Happy New Year!!

We’re here, we’re alive!

Sorry for the absence, we’ve been scrambling quite a bit this past month. We had some small setbacks so we weren’t able to get W4 out this year. 🙁

Right now we are planning on an early 2017 release. We haven’t had too much to show off just because a lot of what Brad is working on is spoiler-filled. He’s also been working with artists and on the music (which is amazing), but it’s also something that needs to be ironed out before we post anything.

It’s probably important to mention that this will actually be a substantial sized game. Brad has tackled a lot of this by himself and it’s much larger than any of the other games he’s released (larger than all FPA games put together). There is a LOT going into this game and as much as we would have loved to get it out in 2016 we didn’t want to rush release and deliver an incomplete game. Nothing worse then releasing a game and saying “wait for the update THEN it will be REALLY good, promise!”.

Brad said he’s going to be around on here so if you have anything you want to ask/say to him leave it in the comments!


  1. Happy new year!
    Sorry you couldn’t make it, but I understand making games can take time. I’m sure the finished product will be amazing!

  2. Julian Li

    Happy New Year to Brad and the team of people he’s working with!

    Any game project takes time to make and polish, and he’s only one man. What he’s chosen to do is admirable, and releasing a more polished game in the future is better than releasing a bad game only to patch it up again later.

    Good luck in 2017! Stay Fancy :fpm:

  3. hiccup01

    Hi Brad, World 4 sounds really good so I can’t wait for it!

    Will W4 have 360 controller support?, when I try it confuses the different controller axis.

    I really appreciate the work you put into these games and wish you the best for 2017. :fpm:

    • Brad

      It does. W1 Remix confuses the axis? If you pause and hit setup gamepad, you should be able to switch that. I’ve improved the support since then, though (some browsers decide to reverse the y-axis for no reason :angerz: )

      • hiccup01

        Yes, the W1 Remix does confuse the Y axis.
        I’m using FF 50.1 on macOS and a SteelSeries Stratus XL controller (Computer recognises it as a HID device, but it works with firefox) if that helps.
        On a side note, will MFI controllers work on iOS W4? (I’m assuming it exists, as per twitter)

        Edit: Same issue with chrome…

        Thanks for trying to troubleshoot my issue, best of luck with World 4

  4. Marcelo1999

    Hi Brad. I Will write in Portuguese, because I am brasilian.
    Eu espero que esse jogo seja realmente fantástico, pois já fazem 5 anos q vc lançou FPA World 3. Desde aquela época o mundo mudou bastante; os smartphones revolucionaram o modo de se comunicar e de navegar na internet. Por isso, eu sugiro que vocês façam uma versão para smartphones deste site, que já está ultrapassado. Além disso, os jogos de FPS não podem ficar pressos a jogos Flash e a uma única plataforma; lance um jogo de Fancy Pants para Android. É isso o que eu tenho a dizer. Happy new year!

  5. 0dieter0

    Im really hyped for the game! its the best decision to wait until its really done 😀 i just hope there will be another way to play it then in browser 🙂

  6. SunnyMcHatterson

    A new update, finally! 😀
    I haven’t been on in a while, but I know World 4 is coming along. I don’t mind waiting, though I really can’t wait to go on another adventure! It’s going to be amazing, I just know it!
    Happy New Year!

  7. rennie

    I’m so excited for world 4!
    Oh, also though are you going to fix any of the world 1 remix challenges? They all just show a white screen and people are getting a bit angry in the comments.
    Happy New Year!!

        • Fancypantsmaster1

          I hope! AJ said World 2 was delayed 1 month (Original Release was supposed to be December 2007) World 3 had no planned release date, the Remix was pretty quick, and World 4 was delayed twice…
          We need an actual release date! (Or a Sneak Peek!)

          • Marcelo1999

            Appeared to Margarida 😀 I thought they had cut your internet, because it’s been almost two days since you’ve talked to the Forum. I’m wondering how your levels go. And also if you’ve heard of a meme called “Confused Blonde” or “math lady”.
            Between a release date and a sneak peek, I prefer the sneak peek because the release date can be delayed.

            Obs: Do not misunderstand the phrase “Appeared to Margarida”; If you want I’ll explain the meaning.

  8. 15MinuteGamer

    Good Luck Brad I know you can do This For Me,my brother,EVERYONE! i hope wish can help out with the work your doing with each post my brother just keeps getting impaitent for world 4!

  9. 15MinuteGamer

    Hey Brad is cutie pants gonna be a playable? you showed her as you playing as her in the character section while you were doing world 3 i hope i can play as her 😀 if you don’t have time to program her i understand. Maybe in World 5?

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