Hey guys remember when I super pranked everyone on April Fools with an image of World 3 on Android?

Lucky for you guys I’m actually far too lazy to mock up an Android download screen and Over the Top was working on one all along!


World 3 Google Play

And it’s free! (ad supported), so download away!

And please, give us a fair rating, it’s a fresh launch so we need your help!


  1. AJ32

    That’s great, now people will stop asking for a port. 😀
    I was surprised that the iOS version had another update a few days ago (even though it was just a performance improvement / bug fix update). It’s great to see that the Over the Top guys still care for the game.

  2. Mark Broe

    This is awesome! Its asking for much after all the time it took to do this and still more time for world 4, Will there ever be a PC Port of the console version put onto steam?

    • Fancypantsmaster1

      Finally, somebody said the steam thing more specifically.
      Now that I think about it, I’d like a Steam version of FPA Consoles. I can’t seem to play it on Android Emulators, they have broken keyboards.
      Xbox 360 and PS3 emulators barely exist, if at all.
      And I’m not sure about iOS Emulators for Windows.

      • Mark Broe

        Well the android version is practically the same as the console versions besides the fact that you can wall jump up or down, I would like a pc port cause I would like to play online with friends cause I have more pc friends 🙂

  3. Fancypantsmaster1

    So, who’s beaten FPA Android? I did 100% on W1, W2, and Story.
    I wonder if Brad can 100% his own game…

    I noticed Background errors, and FPM was launching either left or right at rare occasions when jumping on a baddie. Is that fixable?

    • 15MinuteGamer

      I beat the whole game 100% including World 1 and World 2 (That includes story) so FPM1? have you beat the whole arcade with gold medals?

      P.S(for brad)
      I got a bug report that when i did the hermet crab golf thing the shell went inside the wall when i was almost finished! :angerz: but i finished it im just thinking it might be annoying for players that are almost done and then end up having a shell poitrat<–(maybe spelled wrong) on the pirate ship lol

      P.P.S (for FPM1 and Brad)
      Stay fancy and good luck on World 4 Brad. and Stay Fancy FPM1!

  4. exnovus374

    It’s so much harder than the PC game. Did you think of new stuff while making this? It has so many more levels, well drawn ones at that. And secret level I never saw before


  5. radzo73

    Dear Brad,
    In January 2017, I placed a bet that World 4 would come before SSF2 Beta. Sadly, I was wrong. 🙁


    P.S It’s just a prank bro

    P.P.S I need to know when World 4 will be released, please…

    Stay fancy y’all

    d | :woot:

    • Emanuel

      Multiplayer is quite a questinable feature. It requires Google Play Game services but Over The Top Games (wich is the team behind the FPA full version, PS3 and XBox) will probably add it later…

  6. Mèd Máhdi

    Hi brad can you make it online multiplayer with super fpa animations its will be soo fun and it’s going to be famous because it’s online multiplayer
    Thx brad ?❣️

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