Art in Motion

The gears are grinding behind the scenes, guys, I promise! To help with the wait, here’s a few new clips!

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More level art from Chris Gianelloni. Some levels are more cartoony, while others are more abstracted and… fragmented. I wonder why that is…

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And earlier section, drawn by Andy Debus, focused on the good ol’ momentum-based gameplay you know and love. Run down slopes to gain speed, jump off ramps and profit, you know the drill!

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Wasn’t someone pointing out unfinished slide pole animations earlier? This one’s for you.

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Despite completely overhauling combat for World 4, I went back and adjusted the stomp a few times to get just the right springiness. Because you guys deserve only the best stomping there is!

Probably owe everyone a follow-up Let’s Play video with final art, hmm…


    • Fancypantsmaster1

      Also, will there be any updates for the Remix and World 4 AS3 Test? Or World 4 in the next, I dunno, 3 months or so? It looks pretty darn close to done.

      Also, Ima list everything on there.
      GIF 1 – Dark blocks must be the breakable blocks you shown back in Fall of last year. New fall-from-wall animation.
      GIF 2 – New slide animation. New Down-Slide animation. I love both of them! And moar poppers.
      GIF 3 – New rope/zipliney animation. New pole animation. Rope idle and transition-to-move animation.
      GIF 4 – BATS. Shooty Mouse. Pop effect on FPM when hurt. New stomp animation when not holding jump. (S or what you set it to.) Ninjas are colored. Aaaaand even moar poppers.

      Brad, it looks like either World 4 will have a lot to do with poppers, or you were totally fooling around with them and ended up having 10,000+ squiggles in World 4.

      Seriously though, any planned release? I don’t want to wait till the end of this year. It looks waayyy too close to done to be December. Should I guess around Mid or Late-July?

  1. 15MinuteGamer

    hmmmm… i wonder if you are gonna do World 5 Even bigger than world 4? as you started the world 4 development in 2014 well if you ever felt you are gonna do World 5 do the World 2 Remix with a new enemy (not the Rabbit or Dat evil pencil)so just take a little break and do world 2 remix before World 5 (like fidget with the world 2 engine and level tweaks)good luck Brad!

    P.S if you ever do World 5 even longer than world 4 welp… Good Luck Brad

    P.P.S Stay Fancy! :fpm:

  2. Fancy Shadows

    I cant find out how to open the fancy box package shockwaveflash file i’ve searched the internet and can find it 🙁

  3. Woffleshark

    I’ve been waiting so long for this game! I know it will be worth it. This will be better than Super Mario Odyssey!

    Alright, nothing is gonna be better than Super Mario Odyssey, but this will be a close second.

    Definitely excited for the new animations and pencil combat too.

  4. Mayor of Squiggleville

    Hey Brad, have you ever considered creating a discord server for The Fancy Pants Adventures? I think it’d be a great way to build up the FPA community and keep the hype train going for world 4. I understand that you’re extremely busy with the game, but perhaps an idea for the future?

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