1. Mayor of Squiggleville

    Hey Brad, have you ever considered creating a discord server for The Fancy Pants Adventures series? I think it’d be a great way to build up the FPA community and keep the hype train going for SFPA and future FPA games.

      • DaxterSpeed

        Anyone can create a guild which consists of as many chat rooms and voice channels as you want. It’s fairly open to third party integrations as well, if you’re willing to set up the scripts to do it.

        I’d recommend setting up a Discord, throw in two locked channels for #rules and #announcements and then a #general channel for anyone to speak in.

      • Mayor of Squiggleville

        Yea it’s kinda like a chat room for a few people or an entire community, it’s easy to make one in general, so you just post the invite link here or something and people will be on their way to your server!
        It’s also a cool way to post announcements and updates and stuff like that.

    • Mayor of Squiggleville

      I think most of us are excited about the idea of “Super FPA” and 56 LEVELS! Those new screens look fancy, there was one that had dialogue with the mayor and king, exciting stuff.

    • Fancypantsmaster1

      Ah! Sorry!
      Some of the sounds are kind of weird, I preferred the Remix squiggle sound actually.
      Other than that, everything’s pretty darn fancy! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for World 4/Super FPA!

      • Brad

        The important part of the squiggles was how they sounded when you gather a bunch of them. The new sound is pretty different, but I think the actual feel of grabbing a bunch in a row is way better now. Might have to actually play it to feel the difference, though.

          • 15MinuteGamer

            yeah when is dat demo releasing? The FPA World 1 is the FIRST GAME I EVER PLAYED I CAN’T WAIT!! (i wished it was free) i,ve been a really huge fan of your FPA games and that trailer i looked forward to this when you posted World 4’s production in 2014! Looks like this game is gonna be fancier then ever!

            P.S (i’ll never forget this)
            Stay Fancy!

    • sanicdotexe32111

      I got to say that the trailer was hands down the best way to get a thumbs up I can’t wait to become a beta tester for this

  2. copol

    Is this supposed to be a sort of a reboot of FPA series? Not story-wise but in overall design. In previous screenshots I thought the backgrounds were unfinished, but with this trailer, I realized it was probably the intention to make everything much simpler compared to FPA for consoles. Anyway it has a nice feeling, animations look especially satysfing. Waiting for August now. :woot:

    • Brad

      World 3 was about being in real places in the Fancy Pants world, this game has a more abstracted look, but there’s an in universe reason for that. The plot makes it a sort of soft reboot for the series, and I’ve been saying that this game starts a new plot that’ll be continued in the next game. In past games, the design of levels was mostly just whatever looked good / as well as I could draw at the time. There’s some pretty different looking sections to the game, with the style actually having purpose this time.

    • Brad

      Still hashing out those details, but that’s what we did with FPA on consoles / World 3, so some sort of release online could still carry the W4 name.

  3. DaxterSpeed

    I didn’t realize at first that this is a re-imagination of all previous worlds + fresh content. I’m excited to see some of my favorite old levels with a fresh coat of paint (and fresh movement!).

  4. Cevan

    This looks fantastic; can’t wait to play it next month! Any chance of a soundtrack release along with the game or later on as well?

  5. SunnyMcHatterson

    I haven’t been on in a few months, seems like World 4 is coming along nicely! So, where’d this steam game come from? Is it related to World 4 in any way? I’m just curious. 56 levels sounds like a lot, does it include the previous games as well? Honestly I’m just really hyped for everything.

    • Brad

      Right, it’s just, well, it’s a far larger game than the first 3, so the ‘super’ moniker is more appropriate. Probably going to be some sort of ‘World 4’ release online that’s more like a demo to SFPA, but that still needs to be sorted out.

      No previous levels, those are all brand new! Been working on this game for awhile πŸ˜€

  6. Srandis Ta

    Hi Brad I wanna ask you if there will be multiplayer mode like in world 3 in the future? Thx for answer btw im glad i can buy this game for money and support your brilliant work fpa is my childhood

  7. sanicdotexe32111

    I guess its not suspicious that kongregate deleted that other trailer about the ink monster taking damage by Fancy Pants mans whirlwind pincel spin to his left hand showing his face right spoil alret

  8. Woffleshark

    This looks freakin’ awesome!

    1. 56 levels, badguy arenas, and more? I can’t wait much longer!

    2. The art looks better than ever, especially the backgrounds. Seriously, everything is so smooth and polished and colorful. Though I hope that the spikes don’t stay purple and the poles don’t stay red because they do not fit in at all.

    3. Just the one song in the trailer has me hyped for the music. I’ve always liked Mike’s compositions. They have a distinct feel, mainly since most of his music uses guitar or another string instrument as the main melody.

    4. It’s gonna cost money? Who cares? Only broke little kids. I’d gladly pay for this. You totally deserve it.

    Fancy Pants is back, baby!

  9. Snowingeel472

    Oh my god IAM SO HYPED SO HYPER HYPED…is it coming for consoles please say its gonna i dont wanna pay for the steam version :angerz: well anyways anyone have a idea of what the thing atthe end is the two hands? Those looked spoopy anyways my main questions are is it coming for consoles and what consoles is it coming for? i really need to know cause i have online only on ps3 cause xbox 360 is annoying cause online is not free and also its limited πŸ‘Ώ anyways SO HYPED IT LOOKS EXACTLY PERFECT!!! i also hope itll be a little more challenging that world 3 cause i passed world 3 on xbox in half an hour so yea…BUT STILL GOOD AWESOME HYPE IS MAKING ME DIE CANT WAIT TO PLAY DEMO THEN BUY FULL VERSION (if its on console) So yeah AWESOME


  10. Snowingeel472

    By the way for everyone who needs the release date you can read the release date in steam just go to the game and scroll to buying section it tells when its available
    hope this helped! :woot: :cat: πŸ™‚

  11. 15MinuteGamer

    I hope it is released before friday because SCHOOL HOLIDAY IS A VACATION WITH NO INTERNET :angerz:

    i wanna do a video about it πŸ™

  12. Snowingeel472

    actually i want the console version release date. trailer didnt say anything about it coming for consoles so yeah… Hey! Will it have online multiplayer and online vs like minecraft console? i hope so πŸ˜† anyways yeah dats all :woot:

  13. thederpyfaz

    Question… will it be sort of like FPA where it was avavible for free online on flash websites and to pay on conolses? or will it only be able to play with some sort of purchase? 😯 other than that… great trailer! I hope to play this game and its 56 new levels soon! πŸ˜†

  14. 15MinuteGamer

    πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ
    Welp this is not a Late April Fools Joke right? if it is let me guess TRIPLE PRANKZ COMBOZ LOLZ

    (sigh i guess i have to wait some more and have smores)

    Stay Fancy. Brad sorry if you think im trying to rush you

  15. Mark Broe

    This is great to see! I am hyped for this! September is such a great month for gaming! There is one thing I want to see I don’t know if its a stretch, But will there be co-op in this game? I would love to play multiplayer with friends on this πŸ™‚ Even if its a co op adventure πŸ˜€

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