Oh hey, new trailer up on Steam, release date should be announced tomorrow!

Check it out

Spot the new Fountain Pen Abilites!


Still fixing up bugs here and there, but at this point there’s mostly waiting until the actual release. When is that, eh? Should be a date and new tailer dropping soon 😉

I’m going to try to make some posts to help keep my sanity before launch (yeah I know I always say that, right?).

In the meantime, I found this trip down memory lane, might be a good refresher before SFPA hits. I’m seriously honored that someone thought my games are worth such a detailed look (no pressure for SFPA or anything, lawlz!), so please help me throw some views and thumbs up his way!


  1. ZeZo

    Nice work brad.. Working on bugs… Good luck.. probably the game is done and your friends are testing it for bugs.. Hmmmm probably tommorow? Gud luck

  2. ZeZo

    Hey Brad, Just Wondered, You’ve Improved alot Since World 1, 2 and 3 Tough, Now Fancy Pants Man Can Do alot of new Moves! New Bosses and alot of new levels, How did you improve that much? Also, I guess its tommorow now, Whats up with the bugs? Also I think Steam will give you the permission To release it At maybe 6:00 Or 9:00 Tommorow. Tough You’ve Done alot of Work!! Well done brad!! :woot:

    • Brad

      How? It’s been over 10 years, haha! I’ve learned to spend more time on animations, had artists help out with the level art which left me more time to work on the rest of the game. Was working on this specifically for what like 3 years now?

      Starting from scratch with the engine and rethinking most of the movement and interactions helped give me a better perspective on the game as a whole. It gets difficult to judge your own work when you’re so close to it for so long.

      But yeah, mostly spending more time on idividual things, I’ve been doing this long enough to know where more time spent won’t be wasted and actually achieve better results.

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