1. Alexander Alarcon

    I have a 2 questions about the “To Be Continued” part of the Super Fancy Pants Adventures game. Will the game be continued by updates in a free manner or will they be paid DLC? And also was the game left incomplete because you felt rushed as you had a release date set in stone?

    • Brad

      Had a release date, but the first chapter of the story is complete, so I don’t think it’s incomplete. There’s things that I can add to the game, and there will always be, but the core part of SFPA is complete, and I want to build on that now that it’s released. If you keep adding things to a game, then it’ll just never be released 😛

      All updates are free, story will be continued in chapter 2 / World 5 / SFPA 2, doesn’t mean there can’t be a side story added to SFPA if people want more single player content. Working on adding the Remix right now, but dang is it old, so many implementations have been changed since it was released.

      • Alexander Alarcon

        Thanks for the information Brad! 😀 And I thought the story was incomplete due to the “To Be Continued” part as I didn’t know it was going to be continued in a separate game. I hope you can bring many updates as I’ve been a huge fan of the Fancy Pants game since when I was a child. Also, one last question… will there be Online co-op kind of like it was in Fancy Pants Adventures for the Consoles?

  2. Rodj15

    Brad would you maybe do a console version for SFPA like the other one you did for X-box 360 and PS3 since I really want to play your new game but sadly I don’t own a PC and I won’t be able to afford one 🙁

  3. Alacrix

    Wait, that means..
    Local Multiplayer?

    (just wanna say that I played your game almost every day when I got home from school to try and beat world 2 back when I was 11, Thanks for making the best movement mechanics ever)

  4. 15MinuteGamer


    After you beat the inky fake annoying JERK FPM there is a To Be Continued…
    and FPM is going to another world! man that To Be Continued screen really surprised me!

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