Super Fancy Pants Update #1

First off, WE DID IT! After 3 years of development, Super Fancy Pants Adventure has launched on Steam!

Let’s Plays and reviews have so far been overwhelmingly positive. Hearing about how nostalgic players have for the series has gotten me choked up at points, and the enjoyment I’ve seen players get from the game is really what making games is all about for me.

A huge thank you to the No Good Terrible Game Breakers that have been helping track down bugs, and of course my family for dealing with my crazy addiction of making and releasing games.

Anyway, what’s in the update??

Game Freezing / white screen

Some older GPUs were not triggering the fallback rendering style in the game and just showing a white screen. I’m manually checking compatibility now, so this issue should be resolved.

Performance Improvements

Some changes slipped through when updating the framework, and the game ended up rendering everything twice, the new update should see a massive performance increase, especially on GPU limited systems.

All The Bug Fixes

So many fixes, guys. So many.

The Future

Everyone wants it, so it looks like local multiplayer is going to be the first major content update for SFPA. It’ll take some time to get the main levels working properly with it (lots of camera problems to solve), but I have a handful of test levels created during development that should work without much modification, so I’ll try to get something to test out multiplayer up sooner rather than later.

Also have some new multiplayer modes in mind that I think will be really fun 😀 I haven’t forgotten about multiplayer, just wanted to get the core mechanics of the game completed and polished first!

If there’s something you want to see in future updates, let me know!

And all updates are planned to be free, so no, World 5 will not be added to SFPA 😛


  1. JulioRLunaR

    The game is great, I just started playing. I really like Inkboarding so far, it’s fun.

    I would like to say that it’s not only enjoyment, it’s also inspiration.

    I´ll like to share that, recently, a few months ago, I published my first browser game, and it is games like Fancy Pants that inspired me to create my own games when I first played them, all those years ago.

    I hope the best for you and the game!

      • JulioRLunaR

        It’s called “Tanque 3D: Sports”. Basically it is a game where you control a tank, you know, moving and shooting around, and you can play 3 different sports with it: soccer, pool and hockey.

        It took a really long time to complete, mainly because it was my first game and I really had no idea of how to do most of the things required, and even when I thought the game was finished there was always a bug to fix or performance to improve, so what Brad said in this post really hits home.

  2. ZeZo

    Thank you too, Brad! You’ve worked much hard on the game and you deserve it. Here’s some suggestions.

    1- King of the hill And race. But this time in SFPA’s levels and new attacks!

    2- Boss rush! You and your friend try to beat all the 3 bosses together! But hey. This time they should have more health and become much harder.

    3- Golf Competetions! This has been requested alot in our discord tough and its also an awsome idea we would like to see!

    But… What do you mean by “World 5 Wont be added to SFPA” :fpm: ?

  3. Auad

    Oh, one thing that I would absolutely love the game to have, although I don’t know the practicallity of it, is some sort of runthrough recording system. Maybe like being able to save replays of parts and all. Although, I know this can be done with external programs, so I’m leaving this as a potential “for the future” idea. But I think something simple as that built in game would add a lot of replay value, and allow sharing of our awesome runthroughs, simply by sharing replay files.

    As for a “right now” kind of request, I don’t know if I missed this in the game, but I wish I could reset my progress to do a complete fresh new rerun (maybe still having my old progress saved).

    • fireball612

      yeah, that would be really nice. I figured out a way to delete the old save data though, but you have to go into files and then do some complicated stuff.

  4. offtopic


    That was literally the best game I have ever played. Thank you so much for this Brad. It was like an amazing vacation from all the work and pain of the real world haha. The levels were so vast and amazing (still haven’t found a couple of the items) and the pen fighting was SO MUCH FUN. Especially the machine gun which was so amazing (btw it’d be awesome to have upgrades for that too in terms of the amount of ink you can store at one time which could also dovetail into charged dashes for more power and range). Inkboarding was a blast. It was nice to see the sister and her kitten, the pirates, and the mayor again. The dark emo fancy pants final boss was awesome.

    Also I am so freaking excited for World 5! It looks like he fell into a page of writing/notes at the end so while W3 was based off real life looking places and levels and W4/SFPA had the ink explosion that made everything all over the place and freeform thus making momentum a big theme, W5 could have have crazy precision-platforming not unlike some of those insanely hard Mario Maker levels. I know this just came out lol but I so can’t wait to see what’s next for our favorite fancy superhero!

  5. Rainbowtrol

    One thing I would absolutely LOVE to see would be a level editor.
    I know it’s possible to create fanmade levels for Fancy Box, but I can’t even imagine all the crazy stuff the community could create with all the new toys SFPA brings to the table. I don’t exactly know how you create levels, but it’d be amazing if we were able to “draw” ground, and place other objects like baddies, the red pipes you can slide along and swing down, etc down on the level. Kind of like Super Smash Bros 4’s level editor, I suppose.
    I’m not sure if the engine would allow for a built-in level editor (not exactly familiar with coding… yet), but if ANY FPA game in the future would have it, it would be amazing.

  6. James Ross

    Hey Brad, love the game! Absolutely brilliant! With my debut game hoping for a 2018 release, I have to say you were a big insipiration for me to start programming. But anyway, back on subject, SFPA is amazing! My three requests for for the game, have to be
    1: Local Multiplayer
    2: A Super Fancy Box! Just like the previous one, but with all the new tricks from SFPA, and accessed through the game… Maybe in the bathtub tower? (Yeah, I know inbuilt level editor won’t happen, but I mean the levels, made externally, are opened through the game)
    3: content packs. New items, short levels, etc… Maybe even worlds 1-3??? They are available only for free, so if they can be ported to the SFPA engine, I dont don’t see why they couldnt be rolled in as free content…

  7. fireball612

    Definitely some sort of battle mode, a level editor would be SWEET, but that might be going a bit far… how ’bout a playable cutie pants?… okay maybe not… in general, just more multiplayer modes, and also some more unlockables, (most of the hats weren’t all that good, sorry 🙁 ) also being able to upgrade the ink capacity would be nice.

    • fireball612

      oh, and also, it would be nice to have different save files, or at least a “delete all save data” button. I know how to, but it would be nice to have in game. Also it would be cool to have some challenges, like in world 1 remix.

  8. FancyTyler97

    – Some kind of online mode
    – Maybe a level edit mode ( add steam workshop )
    – More diferent color pants
    – more hats and stuff
    – 2 player mode
    – also bring back arcade levels from the first FPA game if you can
    – also maybe some kind of hub world where you can train and stuff
    – also one thing i found kinda bothering but not much not a big deal but I didn’t like much how the hats made your hair look different , would like that fix to where you can change hair as well.

    That’s all i can think of atm..

    • fireball612

      I agree about the hats. When i got the sunglasses i was like “yeah!” but then it slicked down my hair, witch was annoying.


    Wow… congrats Brad! It’s been ages since I’ve been on here, but i see y’all have been doing awesome and amazing work. can’t wait to see all the success you guys continue to grind out.


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