1. TheEndExplorer

    Gosh, it feels like just yesterday I was watching the World 3 Reports, haha-

    Just wanted to say, this series is a very special part of my childhood, and is a big part of what got me into gaming in the first place :0
    My sister and I have been excited for world 4 ever since it was announced, and are definitely buying it the day it releases to support what is probably the indie developer I admire the most ^-^

    It’s really amazing to see this old childhood series develop into something truly great, and something that deserves all the support it can get, haha

    • Brad

      World 3 Report: Cave Art – 5 years ago O.O

      And thank you so much! Please help spread the word! I should have some downtime after we lock the build and wait for launch, I really way to post some videos for old time’s sake!

  2. zgmeister

    Umm brad… pls tell why it’s coems the 20th. Cause it’s so long. I know it’s not even a week but it hurts. I’ve been waiting since 2011. Brad is you love us I beg you to release it tomorrow. It’s friday tomorrow which is great for releasing the game. We come out of school for the weekend we can all play and have fun. Wednesday is a weird day to release it. Just please please don’t let kong make you release it later. I know you want to release it now. Do good by your fans brad. Not by kong.

  3. PixelxJunk

    The level designs are so awesome (From what i have seen) The trailer also looked amazing!, launch day buy definetely :D. I will also spread the world to my friends. Hope they will like this game the same i do! If i ever decide to speedrun, this will definetely be my first game. :woot: :mrgreen:

  4. tree man


    hey will you make a version for console or an update for the ps3 and xbox360
    also could you make a world 2 remix i would love it :woot:

  5. offtopic

    Feels like just yesterday I was playing the World 3 demo all day and drooling over the new backflip and the huge level and SWIMMING and then the pencil was added to the demo omg. And all the messing around on the forums with the oldheads, I still see a couple of them around here sometimes. We’ve come a long way since then and this is the capstone of Fancy Pants. And it’s one day away. This is going to be something beautiful :fpm:

  6. SunnyMcHatterson

    Oh man, tomorrow’s the day! I have a question though: Will there be an on site version, or is it steam only? I kind of hope there’ll be a web version, but I can work around to playing it on steam if need be. I wish your new game well, can’t wait to try it out! Man, this wait has driven me crazy hasn’t it? I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait though.

  7. Auad

    Purchased! I’m glad I can support you. Shame that I can’t play it at my hearts content because of college. But soon…
    Either way the game’s looking real good :woot:

    • Auad

      Dude are you kidding me, this game is AMAZING.
      Like, even an airship travel system, are you serious? Haha.
      I was not expecting it to be this amazing, it’s blowing my mind.
      And the movement feels so good. I love doing the rising attack.
      Like.. dude..

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