Beta .09, final (*crosses fingers*)

Alright, this should be the final beta. If something’s not fixed in here, chances are I either wanted it like that, or it would be too much trouble to fix. That doesn’t mean you guys can’t pillage through this version and make sure everything’s fixed, but unless it’s a major issue, I doubt I’m going to take the time to fix it.

My girlfriend’s been helping me on a wrap up page for the Beta, with all the bugs that were found, suggestions given, and what has been changed. Pretty much just a summary of everything that’s been accomplished during the Beta period. Huge thanks to her for all her help.

I’m trying to post this quickly, and I still need to paste all the new code from the working build over to the Beta build, so I’ll make a more official ‘yayz teh Beta is finished!’ when I make that wrapup page.

New features in this build:
– New spider animation, yes the old one looked pretty bad
– Slippery walls… Something I’ve been meaning to program for awhile now so I through some in there. Remember the ‘icy’ floor as someone put it? Well I finally remembered to color the ink over that, and now there’s ‘inky walls.’ This level doesn’t really take advantage of that feature too much, but you can still try it out. Jump at the walls with some upward momentum, no the real laws of gravity have no real effect here! It’s nice for going higher up the walls, or down quickly, as they’re slippery. You can press the direction away from the wall to get off of them quickly, making the section that I added them too able to be ran through even quicker now.

***To those new to the Beta, this is only a single level used for finding bugs in the code, though there’s a few new features to be found if you’re interested. There’s no goal to get the shell to, yet, but a few of the Beta testers have gotten the shell to the top of the level just for fun.***

Beta .09

Also, keep an eye on, they should be running a preview sometime monday, they even have some info that you guys don’t know about yet.

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  1. WJUK

    There should be an animation where he gets bored pulls out a TV, sofa and games console out of his trousers and just plays for a while.

    Or maybe pulls out a laptop and plays FPA.

  2. WJUK

    Nothing is wrong with a DS but it actually FITS inside some pants. Whereas consoles and a PC/Laptop… not quite. You’d have to have one of the weird Doraemon pocket things to manage that… hm… I wonder if they sell those on eBay.

    @Amilir: Not another bug! It’s hard to do anything about it if we have no idea how you did it in the first place.

  3. styxtwo

    nice found amilir, looks like the bottom side of those blocks is not protected^^.

    another bug :

    again with the curved platform!
    when you get a spider to land on the curved platform and then you get the shell to hit the spider, the shell flies through the platform. just like FP did when you kicked on the platform (that one is fixed now)

  4. CssaBee

    I found an “other” bug. I kept on slide into the spiders, because i wanted to know if they were still landing on their side…I mean 90 degrees rotated. In this release i couldn’t repeat it, but when the spider hit the 1st “floor” it was rotated and started to move in the air, then stopped at a point, and started to “shake”…it was trying to go forward and backward, but it didn’t move.

  5. zymn

    i noticed when you first enter a scene with a spider, the spider is sort of rotated in the air for a second, then it goes on the ground and starts walking…

  6. WJUK

    @zymn: Really? Do they? I don’t notice it, and I don’t think it’d affect gameply anyway.

    @CssaBee: Hm… strange. Did you try jumping on it and stuff? Did it do anything?

  7. educkface

    I think you should go back and make a new claymation where your old characters meet a clay fpm or something…. that would be awesome. If you ever have the time 😛

  8. CssaBee

    @gbuch: After it reached the end, it started to walk for a sec on an invisible slope then fell. Maybe I could say just fell, but it really seemed like walking down.

  9. DiggingForFire

    I found another bug (though this one is probably caused by the fact that you haven’t worked on the pausing). If you jump on a spider, then pause it immediately afterwards, the time limit to kick it, symbolized by the stars on its head, keeps going. It even gets back up. Doesn’t move, though.

  10. gbuch

    CssaBee, the same used to happen a couple of betas ago when I jumped on the spider that is located on the platform above the cannon (a bit to the right, but NOT the one glued to the far right wall).

    If it landed on the far left of the platform, it would transport itsefl an inch down, and stay with the stars for the normal time, and then fall.

    I couldn’t repeat it in this beta, but I find it rather a coincidence that it used to happen exactly above where it is happened now…

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