Time Trial

Just a heads up, I put a timer in World 1 on Kongregate for some new badges. Hit T while in game to display the stopwatch. If anyone really cares about it, I might go and add that to World 2…

Anyways: World 1 at Kongregate.com

As for shirts… still working on that… it’s a bit more difficult than uploading an image to cafe press, if you’re gonna do it right, heh. More videos should be coming soon, and that banner, yes I’m going to let you navigate with doors…

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  1. Nyubis

    The new banner is cool. And I planned saying something in my 1st comment, but is was already late, and I had to go to bed.
    The timer is a good idea, should try to get a record at it.

  2. VideoGuy

    Nice banner. Nice how you can click on the doors as well as having fancy pants man go into them. Just so you know, the Contact door goes to the videos page when you click on it, and fancy pants man can’t open it.

    Other than that it looks great!

  3. IQ52

    I Know how to make T-shirts. I could help sell the shirts too.I could help you Brad. I am pretty sure you know my E-mail adress.Just E-mail me if you think I would be a good helper.:|

  4. DrNeroCF

    Hm, there’s no secret worlds… The shirts… I’m trying something to do something special, I already have a friend who can print shirts normally…

    I’ll fix the banner when I get home, I already stayed up last night trying to fix it, only to find that the plugin I was using to embed the flash was messing up my getURL commands…

  5. WJUK

    No secret worlds, huh?

    Maybe it’s so secret that not even Brad knows about it.

    Suggestion for World 3: You do some sort of weird thing which, unless you intentional wanted to do it, wouldn’t normally find out about which causes an opening of a portal to FP’s home or something. The weird thing could be like, get to the top of this high place and jump on the platform 10 consecutive times or something.

  6. WJUK

    Good work. One of the most awesome banners I’ve ever come across.

    Oh and it’s kinda disappointing that the Games Index leads to a page “under construction” 🙁
    And the fan-art page… mine and Nyubis’ works are still messed up…

  7. VideoGuy

    @WJUK: Great idea! There needs to be more secret stuff in World 3! Also more power ups and stuff to collect. I think Fancy Pants man should be able to FLY! He could use his awesome hair for wings or something…
    Then for the final boss, you need to fly to defeat whatever the thing is (kinda like in world 1 where you needed the wall jump thing to defeat the angry penguin). It should be lke a pigeon or some kinda bird…

  8. VideoGuy

    @Brad: Since you’re gonna be updating the Fan Art page soon, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve been working on a Fancy Pants music video that I’m gonna put on youtube when I’m done. You might want to add that…

  9. DrNeroCF

    Cause World 2 is the latest game I made, and I don’t particularly like World 1, hehe.

    Sure, submit as many images as you want, and music videos count as fan art, unless they’re boring, heh.

  10. VideoGuy

    @Brad: You should have drawn the crazy rabbit for easter. Then shown it dead with Fancy Pants man holding an egg and saying like “Easter Egg Get” or something…

    But you probably want to spend Easter with your family, and thats fine.

  11. VideoGuy

    Hey I was wondering if any of you know a way to do a video screen capture without just pointing a camera at the computer screen. This would make that music video a lot better…

  12. VideoGuy

    Thanks for the suggestion, WJUK, but Fancy Pants Adventure 2 uses a LOT of CPU usage, so it can only record at about 5 frames per second. That looks pretty bad. I’ll see what I can do with a video camera…

  13. Mistercheef

    i beat fpa 1 twice under 180 seconds ad kongregate hasn’t given me the badge. Yes, ive waited over 5 hours for it, and yes, I went though the “start game” door and not the “level select” door to start.

  14. WJUK

    I did that video with my laptop… 1.5GHz processor and something like 2GB Ram. Windows Vista too (which everyone knows sucks a hella lot of RAM).

    The background should also have: “Brad Borne, makes games.” Or whatever.

  15. zymn


    its made around basically the same idea.

    except you’re a kid trying to get into your house.

    i wanted a story that alot of us could relate to.

  16. Nyubis

    @ zymn:
    if you want to make a platformer, search for some tutorials on ng, i did the same. and if you try to understand the code, you can find out how to make walls.

  17. zymn

    i have made platformers before…

    i’m not a complete noob…

    i just want his game engine because i want to have slopes, and to be able to just draw out the platforms…

    and because his is very advanced…

  18. Nyubis

    Same here, i’ve been trying on making slopes too.
    No succes so far, but i want to make my own engine, not just copy and paste codes…

    Brad, how about you give us some tips?
    Do you draw your slopes free-hand and add the code?
    Or is there a specific code for each angle?

  19. IQ52

    this is a little of topic but, in world two when you go into the the trophie and color room, if you hit the pink block while holding onto the wall the block will fly way up and come back down. I mean way way up.

  20. Rob

    Vista sucks ass from a straw. Everything that was for XP is now incompatible with Vista making most of your old programs useless. Vista is also like an over-protective parent and practically asks for confirmation on your every move.


  21. WJUK

    It’s a prime example of having too much “cowbell” having a bunch of features that aren’t really necessary. They should have made it more efficient, quicker, use less RAM etc. Not the other way around.

  22. VideoGuy

    @zymn: (sorry for the late comment, i’ve had a lot of stuff to do)
    Great game! At the end of that level with the rotating red X’s, I get stuck. Other than that, its pretty good. Not too challenging, but not too easy.

    Still better than my Javascript game.
    (If anyone actually wants to try it, click on Hallway Adventure.)

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