Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta

Brad Borne and Electronic Arts are partnering up for the release of Mirror’s Edge 2D!

I made a post about it in the forum a few days ago, but it looks like the news is out, so here’s the official post about it.

We’re still a week or two away from full launch, but I’d like to get as much feedback about the beta as possible, so if you find anything glitching out, or anything you’d like to comment on, just comment this post.

Update: Just added a timer, lets see those scores! Finish the level to store best time.

Play the beta here!

To anyone having problems with high jumping from ledges:

Run at the ledge

Jump right before you hit it (or go too high from a wall climb)

Hold jump when she snaps to it

Keep holding jump

Annnd yeah

Criticism and responses: there has been a ton of aspects of the game that have been tweaked to address some criticism. I’ll try to address things that I’m not changing, or won’t add until the final game (most likely, at least) here:


There will be some sections with enemies (like, mini-levels), if I can get the balance right and keep it fun. Basically, enemies slow the player down, I know that most people want to keep moving on big sections.

Wall jump / jump is too powerful / not realistic enough

Well, yes, the wall jump probably seems to powerful in this level. I had it toned down much more at first, but that made Level 2 impossible in some parts. Same thing with the jump height. Certain level designs just aren’t possible if I keep the movement too conservative. And this is 2d, I need to use those two d’s as much as I can! That means lots of vertical ground covered, far more than in the console counterpart.

Re-mappable controls

This definitely highlights my hatred of the keyboard as the standard of input for computer games, but what can I do about that (besides tell you guys to use joytokey, darwiinremote, gamepad companion, etc)? Re-mappable controls are only necessary when games get too complex, devs ignore standards, or in the case of PC gaming, there are hardly any standards at all. I’ll try and add a few different control types to the game if I have the time, but I like to try and keep all my games so that the arrow keys map to the d-pad, and the WASD map to the face buttons. Basically, I’m a console gamer developing for a mouse and keyboard input scheme.

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  1. Aidis

    Ye the running sounds and such isn’t that annoying while listening to music. It’s just that my speakers is not functioning that well at low volume so i always have high volume on the speakers and low volume settings in my media player. which makes the ME sound effects too high compared to my own music.

    but ye this is just a problem of my own and i’m gonna buy some new speakers soon =P.

    glad to see that slider options to the sound probably is coming tho!

  2. Aidis

    Just found a bug when resetting. happens mostly when resetting late in the course i think. Haven’t tested it much but yea you get ported to the very beginning but not to the right spot, you start at the edge of the building (hanging) instead of on top of it.

    got a vid of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzmYlfK6C_s

    quoting my description:

    “The bug is shown at the end when resetting.

    NOT that the color/textures gets dragged out thats just something that happened when recording.”

  3. WJUK

    I don’t have a problem with the sound effects when playing music either, since it helps when you’re actually playing the game. But when you’re not, you’re probably not going to hear any sound effects anyway. But it’s always good to have that option for people.

    As for searching for loopable music, I thought that since EA was hiring you to make this they would have given you the resources needed (i.e. music files to put in the game).

  4. DrNeroCF

    Aidis, ah, weird, yeah, I might try to bump the volume slider up a bit higher on the priority list, then, heh.

    Hm… Flash has some weird problems with hitTesting when everything is moving very quickly. Maybe I should just snap the screen back to the beginning. I’ll fool with it a bit.

    And either one, actually. Though I’d like this thread to be more for suggestions and discussion on game mechanics, stuff I change, feature requests, anything that other people can chime in on.

    Well they gave me all of their music files, but I don’t think the actual game even really has music… So I’m making my own loops.

  5. danwriterman

    I love the added evidence which took me FOREVER to find. I like the newly added red color scheme to certain items. they misled me to believe it was in some building. eventually I found it and successfully made it through in about 4 tries. The enemy fire was well done.
    Do you think you should make it more difficult to get past them by preventing them from shooting walls after loading up?
    Finally, my life is complete. I have 212 of those icons, all 10 satchels, and a personal record of 48.4. I don’t have a picture though.

    keep up the good work!

  6. blingo1234

    great game brad big fan of the fancy pants series and think this is a great game one question will there be any combat in mirrors edge

  7. chris101b

    A couple of things that I think you should change:

    1. When you press R to restart it, can you make it so that it resets immediately like it did in the last version instead of you dropping from the sky. I liked the instant restart. : )

    2. If you finish the race and you don’t beat your time, the clock resets at 0.00 instead of telling you the time that you did get.

    Other than that, this game is coming along great! I love the new additions and can’t wait to play the whole game.

  8. Silver__Silhouette

    I have a quick question for anyone who’d like to answer it for me..
    About half way through, there’s a red mirror’s edge symbol [the ones you collect] floating in mid air a bit off set from the red glass you fall through with the sniper. How do you obtain that symbol? I’ve tried many different possibilities but all of them keep coming up short. It’s driving me insane that I’m only short one symbol out of the 212 total. Any help?

    visual location of the symbol

  9. Chucky


    I´m playing this Beta since the first version now and I have to say: “GREAT WORK!!!” I really like it very much and I can’t wait for the full release.

    But I found a Bug, that only appears in .12, I think:
    Sometimes, when I’ve played for a while and resetted the game often, I can’t hang on the first hook (straight way through the level) anymore. When I reload the Page, it is fixed. Can u please check that? Don’t know if it is a bug indeed or if it is my lack of skill 😉

    Go on like that, I’m looking forward for the full game.


  10. Muskar

    I just refreshed the game and I like the new features (like grey icons for things you took before and display in pause screen for times etc. ) but just in case you’re not working on it right now – the room with the case now is now emtpy and causes the game to close in error (“Do you want to abort the script cause its running slow” or something).

    Hope it gets fixed in a bit.

  11. Muskar

    Oh and I died in the hole where you have to have a little faith (fell down in the side) and then I got spawned back to the start and not to the last checkpoint as it usually is.

  12. Muskar

    I’m sorry to keep reposting but I just wanted to ask if you are supposed to by able to run up a wall when going downwards into the wall? I mean.. if we are just a little realistic, she could only do it if she came from down and jumped upwards to a wall and then took a few steps upwards. Not falling into the wall and then suddenly running upwards. I like it because it saves you from dying if you fall but I just wanted to know if it was intended.

    Another thing is that when you jump up a “slide” (that you’re supposed to slide down on) the movements looks a little weird. You jump up in the air normally but when you land on it, she quickly tilts to the side and if you then jump again it looks kinda odd. What I could think of was that she leaned forward (but with legs tilted so it fits the slide) when jumping up a slide instead of tilting the entire body. Of course this may require that the art creator creates that position if it’s not possible to do at the moment.

  13. Muskar

    Another thing. It may just be a matter of opinion but I think you made the “fall tolerance” too great now – I barely can jump from place to place with a little extra jump and I die. If you reason this with realism then consider the fact that you can jump from the highest building alle the way down to a peg and grab it without completely ripping off you arms (besides extremely great reflexes to even get your hands inside the peg).

  14. Muskar

    The reason why I want to be able to fall longer before dying is the fact that in 2D platform games where it is this much zoomed in you always jump off a platform to make sure you go far enough. And if it was then intended not to jump then you die because you fall that extra little fall. I know in reality it may be that way but comon – don’t make this game a redo-until-you-know-the-map-in-and-out game – it was so fun and casual before that.

  15. Muskar

    By the way.. in the room with the case.. I fell down in the room underneath the dude with the gun – I could run up the wall upside down to get up… was that intended? Oo

  16. Chucky

    HI again.

    I noticed now, that my Problem appears, when I reset the game while hanging on the hook. After that I can’t hang on it anymore and fall down, when I try to. The only thing I can do is to reload the page, so the game is completely new loading. Can u look up for that and fix it, cause it’s really annoying.

    By the way, how many levels will be in the full game? I see only 3 at the “Pause” screen. 3 Levels would be too little, I think.

  17. Nyubis

    Bug: If you die in the baddy room after catching the evidence, and get killed again, you have -1 eveidence, and it keeps going down per death. And the evidence teleports to where you died, but you can’t pick it up anymore…

  18. nervofix

    Can anybody tell me where the file is now?
    It was in the room with the badguy, but now the desk is empty…=(
    Found every Symbol ect, but the File is missing…
    Bug or Feature?
    oh and how can I get to level 2 and 3?

  19. Aidis

    hello again

    my opinion on some of the changes:

    1) don’t overdo the “runner vision” thing that everything should be red-ish. the bags and secret info looked much better when they where brown and white, looked more natural.

    2) The falling from high up and die just feels awkward. Ruins the flow in many cases. Should be taken away imo, at least rethink it and change it somehow.

  20. DrNeroCF

    Columbus007: Been talking with Mark about the falling thing, the main reason it’s in there at all is because level 2 doubles back on itself. If you fall, you end up back at the beginning of the level, which I’m sure would frustrate anyone many times more than the dying ever could.

    Complete runs… yeah, we’re planning on that.

    KindredMac: I actually have no idea what’s causing that… *looks* Oh, wait, yeah I do. Opps. Sorry, been sort of out of it lately, haha.

    Aidis: Yeah, I sort of agree, I’m making some changes to that. The reason that they’re read is because you haven’t gotten them yet, at least for that save file. Reload the game and they’re normal again. I might try to tone that down, or think of a different way to do portray that.

    Well, the point with the falling is that you need to have control of that flow. Slide down a building, or find a different path down, that sort of thing. But like I said… I’m going to play around with that.

  21. KindredMac

    Thanks for the fix! Just played through numerous times and didn’t find anything buggy like that evidence from yesterday.

    I feel like a slow poke though…. my best time is 55.80 in my speed run after all items are accounted for.

  22. the3ftassassin

    just read about trendymions idea for a shoulder tackle and think that could work awesome – it’d keep the flow better than any other thing i can think of for enemies(maybe it could give you a speed boost to add tactics to speed runs). just one attack button and faith would do a shoulder chrge, or a slide kick if you attacked while sliding or a jump kick if she does it while jumping, although the jump height might stop the jump kick working on enemies that are a similar height to faith.

    also a note for music, the current tune is good but i would includethe one from the game – still alive by lisa miskovsky http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#still%20alive%20lisa%20miskovsky
    and also the remix from the dlc trailer

    hope im being some help rather than just making you do extra reading (although being some help would probably mean extra work, which is harder than reading) 😉

  23. the3ftassassin

    sorry bout the excessive repeat posting, but ive just finished reading and in reply to what you were saying about the bags being red, i agree that they look a bit wierd, and i thought it might look better if you did them in the yellow from the game, and then reverted back to the brown once you’d got them. as for the file i think its best just as brown all the time – it looks more natural, plus people are unlikely to go back there as you need to make an effort to actally get there, if you know what i mean, so it matters less if it stays the same colour.

    also sorry about my comments on the music – i read your post about the music and you have evidently already looked at that music, but at least fans of the game know what the music is now…

    hope you’re having fun working on the game 😀 (different smiley again lol)

  24. danwriterman

    I think that it’s just me, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get to the next level from Level 1. like I’ve collected all the bags, all the symbols, and gotten it at under 70 seconds.

  25. DrNeroCF

    the3ftassassin, I’ve already made all that more subtle, instead of just highlighting everything red. Don’t know if I’m going to put it into the beta unless I find something pretty big that I need to fix and try out…

    danwriterman, It’s a beta, the only other level is the baddie level.

  26. zttk


    I play this game since a month, and I follow all the changes you made.
    In the last built I found out that jumping upwards on the red slope is much easier now, than it was before. Did you change this on purpose? I preferred the older version, it was more challenging.

    Thank you for the game, it’s my favorite now.

  27. smeemee

    this is actually the best flash game i have ever played. it will be the ruin of me. well done 🙂

    2 points.

    1) when you are on the low first bit of piping , the one with the satchell above it, slide, so you grap the ledge and fall back down , hanging. your feet go into th building. (this is just petty, and you should shrug it off as thats the only circumstance in the game where it does that)

    20why cant you slide and grab on the crane at the end? it made me sad 🙁

    GREAT game.

  28. VideoGuy

    Hey Brad, did you get rid of the background scrolling stuff? I just played through the level again and the only background to the level was the one background section that doesn’t move.

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