Getting married and all that

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been updating lately, even after promising that I was going to kick start updates (which did last for a little while there, especially with E3 providing some nice topics of conversation for anyone with their eyes on the gaming industry), but, well, Fairly and I have been crazy busy lately, as we’re getting married on July 11th (and you can check out the engagement post from some time back here). Yep, that’s this Saturday! Craziness! Just wanted to give one last blog post as a single dude, since there will probably be yet another period of broadcast silence after this post.

First off, there was a bit of progress made on World 3 that I announced earlier. I haven’t really had a chance to work on World 3 much since then, but development on World 3 will begin officially after Fairly and I get back from ComicCon at the end of this month. Hopefully there will be a whole bunch more updates once that starts, as I really want to keep everyone updated on World 3’s progress along the way, get feedback on the progression, and hopefully try to involve everyone out there in the development in some sort of way. Should be fun.

Click below to check out the rest of the post. Got a pic of the Newgrounds Tank Trophy in there!

So lately, in the bit of free time that I have had, I’ve beaten Shadow of the Colossus for the first time (didn’t have a ps2 ‘last gen’), and it’s a pretty amazing game. I really dig the emotion spun throughout the game, while in no way does the game ever have a forced emotional moment (*cough* Gears of War 2 *cough*). I think most games can learn a lot from SotC, and that sense of wonder and utter epic-ness is something I’d love to be able to work into World 3. Not saying I could ever create anything as grand and moving as SotC, but still…

Been making my way through Majora’s Mask also for the first time. Started it before SotC and I think I’m nearing the end. It’s interesting to compare both games, since the two games so phenomenal with such broad similarities, but take almost two completely opposite perspectives from one other. Interesting gameplay studies, to say the least.

Oh, right, the Newgrounds Tank trophy finally came in!


Beautiful, isn’t it? Check this thread for a quick bit of history regarding me and Newgrounds.

Let’s see… Anything else for now? Hmm, Swords and Soldiers on WiiWare is quite awesome, and the Viking’s story in that game is a lot like what I hope I can have in World 3: have a goofy, overarching story with far more cartoony characters this time around that runs through the entire game, not just the beginning.

And to end this post, songs current stuck in my head:

Lake of Silver Bells by Carbon Leaf
Paint the Silence by South
Kingdom of Rust by Doves

Hm, definitely going to have to find some new music to listen to while working on World 3…


  1. Nyubis


    I’ll be in France Saturday so I’m saying it now.

    I am really happy for both of you. Finding someone with whom you really can share the rest of your life and all your thoughts and feelings may very well be the greatest gift one can recieve. Cherish eachother, because they are the only ones who can give you back all the love you give to them.


  2. xtrem

    YO BRAD, PLZ don’t focus too much on work’ it’s your
    special event, have fun!! OH i also have some tips for you fairly
    (sorry,just so much happy for you guys)

    RULE 1
    seduce brad once in a while.

    RULE 2

    watch a scary movie once in a while.

    RULE 3

    use the love language once in a while.

    HUMM that is about it so anyway do your best.

    Oh yeah about rule 3 kiss him while using the love language
    like “HEY HONEY!”

  3. WJUK

    What about FR Brad? How’s that coming along?

    And I hope you enjoy the wedding and the honeymoon. Don’t forget that we wanna see some pictures. 😀

  4. qkilsdonk

    Hey Brad!
    Congratulations!!!! 😀

    I have some Music tips where i listen to myself when i am making GAIMZZZ:
    -Brad sux (awsome music you can look it up on youtube).
    -Theme of Angel (really relaxing trance).
    -Electro Love (also sum trance quite slow, sort of launge).
    -Metallica (you have gone through that maybe xD).
    -I know iam forgetting things grrrr, maybe i’ll findout later what songs it where.

    i deffenetly advise you to listen some of brad sux songs :D:DD:


  5. WJUK

    Just wanted to say Congratulations again on the big day! Very rarely have I seen people who seem destined to be with each other, and I think you two are.

  6. Gazzo

    I don’t post here often, nor do I go into the forums terribly often, but I felt like I needed to with this one.

    I just wanted to say, “Wow.” as well as, “Congrats, m’man.”

    Fancy Pants has been one of those games that struck a chord with me to the point where I actually felt the desire to find the blog site of its creator. That may not sound like much, but it really is, to me. And to see someone who had that affect on me moving through life is pretty fricking cool.

    Oh, snap. I’m getting sentimental.

    All the best,


  7. SPCC


    yano, brad must have one big shelf, just 4 carbon leaf music


  8. Midmenj

    If you need some Music I’d be happy to give you some to listen to. I am the same person who made the “shirts” for Fancy Pants. (I know they were bad) BUT i’m making some better ones so I’ll send you the link if you want it.

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