Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Yes we’re silly Americans that love to celebrate a holiday that involves stuffing ourselves silly and then slowly falling into a food coma, ah so lovely!
That and it means the lovely holiday season of Christmas is comin soon!
I will attempt to nudge a new post out of Brad, if not I will post a few reviews and also talk about some of the Christmas staples that Brad and I both grew up with! If anyone cares, maybe I’m just being narcissistic.
I shall have some extra turkey in honor of all of you, that probably means I will be doing some hardcore sit ups in honor of all of you as well!


  1. jesus_minime

    haha i forgot about US thanksgiving. canada’s was like a month ago! hmmm… i wonder what canadian thanksgiving is about… {:/

  2. greatestguy

    my family is celebrating thanksgiving a day late due to some relatives who had some meetings across the country and couldn’t get back in time for thursday. Happy thanksgiving!

    on a different note, i went to see “the fantastic mr fox” on thanksgiving and it was good, but really quirky.

    also, a deblob reveiw would be awesome. I have the game, and it is a little odd. no game in the world like it. but it’s fun nonetheless.

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