World 3 Sneak Peek: Swimming!

So here’s a glance at my take on 2d platformer swimming, usually the bane of most gamers’ existences. I’ve also been experimenting with extra background layers for a much cooler parallax effect.

You can click on the video to watch it much larger at

Also, new page for World 3!

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  1. DrNeroCF

    Yeah, her hair is pretty much slapped on, it’s doesn’t transition correctly yet. I was working on her for awhile there, but then went back to Fancy Pants Man. I’ll get back to her eventually…

  2. DJMatyas

    UPDATE 2 the snowboarding:
    I dont meant he should have a snowboard I meand he shouldnt have
    the snowboard but the hat and with snowboarding I meand sliding on snow.


    PS:I was watchin the fancy golf guide and I think it was awesome
    best was those black fancy pants.

  3. darthmaul22

    Just wondering:
    How is Cutie Pants going to swim? Will she be able to move around freely or just float accross?

    Will we switch characters in levels, as in switching when we want, only at certian areas, or whole levels as one character?

    What special moves will Cutie Pants have/not have?

    What will be the combat tactic under water (on land it was Mario Style)?

  4. DrNeroCF

    Not sure yet, Cutie Pants’s moveset is generally simpler than FPM because of the grapple-cat mechanic. I wouldn’t want to limit where she could go that much though. She doesn’t run as fast, so she can’t run up loops. Cutie Pants is part of the plot and generally a secondary character. She’s playable, but there’s no character switching mechanic.

    Hm, if you’re going to compare land to Mario, then I guess underwater might be most comparable to NiGHTS? With the dash mechanic confined to wall push-offs. I’m not really tryin to straight up copy / reference anyone, I just design what I like and what works for the characters. Characters first, gameplay follows 🙂

  5. DrNeroCF

    Oh yeah, I should definitely put that Christmas build up soon, I finished it so late last year…

    Wouldn’t be surpised if there’s some pretty big differences between any two working builds, I revise animations up to maybe like 5 or more times before I settle on something I like. Probably one of the reasons I’m really touchy about people trying to copy or use my animations…

  6. Raiespio

    I’d like to see FPM in a santa hat too, jesus_minime. The link in that update isn’t christmastized anymore.

    Will FPM use the pencil from W2’s first stage and Newgrounds Rumble again?

  7. DrNeroCF

    Hm, I’ll be uploading the Christmas build again once I can make sure that it’s still the latest. Not sure if I’m going to do anything more with the graphics, though.

  8. DisarrayPhreak

    @ Adi
    Only if she jumps or backflips towards a wall she disappears but she sort of physically exists but just invisible. It looks really cool like she’s nightcrawler from X-Men cuz of the smoke but this is just irrevelant… 🙂

  9. 2600Htz

    If only my doggy-paddling looked that good. Did I mention you are the bestest flash game designer ever in my never-to-be-humble opinion? I really ought to learn flash properly, but my drawings look like crap due to lack of a tablet (I draw with mouse).

    Brad, two questions. One, how helpful can a tablet be? Two, how easy do you make it look?

    Thanks, Lord Hertz the 2600th.

  10. FPMGamer

    Okay okay, I am like, kinda overly excited about FPM world 3!!! When I tell my friend that there will be FPM world 3 and that he has a little sister, she will so bizzurk. She will be all like ”What!? no way! you betta not be messin with me!!” I’ll be all like, ”Psh no really! I looked at it on Brad B.’s website blog thing…” ….. sooo …… yeaaaaa….
    I just know it will be more awesome than the other 2 FPM adventures… and since it is 2010, ill be watchin’ for that game! =D

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