World 3 Report 9

No release date yet lawlz!

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  1. fancy pants fiend

    r u kidding me??????? i know u r working on tha game but either announce a beta or show us another video or something. p.s if u announce a beta comming out on a date close to us like june or late july then u dont need to show us anymore videos [for know]

    • FairlyObvious

      I believe brad finished it up last night but we were having some awful thunderstorms so he couldn’t get a solid Internet connection to upload it.

  2. J4ke

    Wow, you kids really don’t have any patience, eh?

    Moral of the story here: real life gets in the way of things. Accept it and move on.

  3. hamcheese362

    welcome dirwen. but are you sure you know what ure up against? there is an elite team of whiners here that you must endure, only the cream of the crop can make it. and the yo– the rest will get deleted (srry again fairly)lolz
    well i can wait… and im usually not too good at that… how is cpg coming along?

  4. Dirrwen

    yeah im pretty good at dealing with whiners. ive been following this site for a little bit and just now made an account to post, so i know pretty well what im up against

  5. fancy pants fiend

    its been 10 days wtf is wrong wit u i dont know if u’re preparing to release a beta thats why no video if so could u please take 1 minute of ur time to post it up not in a video but type it to tell us and btw if u r posting a beta awesome.

  6. Dirrwen

    u got that right

    you really are a fiend. Wait, no, more like fancy pants fruit!

    (i apoligize for my mouth, but i couldnt help it)

    (Edited by Fairly)

  7. spacecowboy86

    i think the black outline looks better because it makes the level look “sturdier” if and i think the levels need to be strong looking with such loose actions, if that makes any sense.

  8. Forthiagin

    Like the game so far. Looks like you got a bit of the layered forest sticking out so you can see where it ends. (not that I know anything about how flash works). But I can’t wait to play world 3. Been a big fan since world 1.

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