World 3 Report 15

Much better sand!

And a nice long gamer rant. Feel free to rage quit once the World 3 stuff is shown, lawlz.

Still processing, sand probably won’t look good until it’s in HD.

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  1. klimtkiller

    @JM: i mean slightly freaky things, like massive barrel-type things with smiley faces on them lolling towards you. resident evil gave me nightmares! i also hate the feeling of isolation in it.

  2. HyperKnuckles888

    I personally would love to see some gameplay with Fancy Pants Mans Sister and her pet cat. You should make levels designed specifically for her or have an option to switch characters any time like Super Paper Mario.

  3. klimtkiller

    every day i check out to see if theres something new. i always feel bad when theres nothing there. i love progress reports. it would be good for something new done by someone else for a change. (as in a progress report) good idea.

  4. Brad

    @klimtkiller: Sadly, there’s still a lot that I can’t talk about. Once I can, you’ll be getting a lot more updates. Hopefully.

    @rehyzi: Heh, I bet you would 😛

    @Aubrey: Well, I’ve been working on a lot of stuff that I don’t want to show off yet. I only have a few cleaned up animations to show off right now. Starting to feel much better, so I’ll have something out tonight.

  5. FreedomForAll

    Glad you’re feeling better, Brad. Can’t wait for the Prog Report tonight.

    [EDIT] Brad will must likely be hosting unless FairlyObvious cares for Brad’s fans as much as he does o…o

    • FairlyObvious

      Hey!!! That’s unfair!!!
      How am I supposed to talk about Brad’s animations? It’d just be “So . . . yeah, Brad draws stuff . . . it looks neat . . . ummm and here’s my cat!!!”

  6. jesus_minime

    You could talk about your roll in the developing of world 3. Haven’t you done some concept art and stuff for world 3 too? Plus, then we can see how pro YOU are at playing world 3 😛

    @Brad: (lyonz) ROAR!!!

  7. fancy pants fiend

    c’mon son how in da heck do u say that u r goin to try to be on time with ur reports then ur late u should do wat i siad do no reports for a while to work on the demo release the demo then i wont care if ur late

  8. Minifig3D

    “Cause I’m sick, ya jerk.”
    Well put. I feel your pain. Being sick is not fun, it is currently preventing me from getting back to my blender project, which I desperately want to finish.
    Hope you get better soon!

  9. SparK

    Brad, I agree with your there, and what I really want to see is a Mirror’s Edge 2.
    The story was too short but the art wasn’t dark and it was in no way a self-playing game.

    I’m a traceur so my word really doesn’t count but, Mirror’s Edge for me was a great step towards gameplay instead of processor heavy screen savers.

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