World 3 Report 15

Much better sand!

And a nice long gamer rant. Feel free to rage quit once the World 3 stuff is shown, lawlz.

Still processing, sand probably won’t look good until it’s in HD.

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  1. DaxterSpeed

    The “new” sand looks awesome!

    And I really think you should re-animate the normal smoke…

    [EDIT] About FPSs, I too think that there’s not enough rethinking in the making of FPSs nowadays. The only “recent” FPS I liked is Portal. Portal was something new and re-thought FPS. Okay, there’s still some “fighting”. But there’s just way more puzzles. And you can still get that adrenaline pump you normally get when playing FPSs.

  2. WJUK

    The fact of the matter is that gritty FPS’ sell. Simply put.

    But if you look in non-mainstream areas there are plenty of FPS’ that are completely different and unique.

    Just off the top of my head, there’s Penumbra which is great fun and scary at the same time.

  3. wallross

    8:53 actually…
    The new sand effects are pretty orsum, but they look a bit monochromatic. Add a bit more shading and they’ll be completely absolutely EPIC!

    Shattered Horizon was a pretty bog-standard FPS, but it used some weird physics to be a bit different. Once you get used to the orientation the game is quite enjoyable.
    It’s pretty easy to add a point of difference to games, it just needs a little bit of creativity, and a few sleepless nights.

    And we must remember “Making games is hard”

  4. fancy pants fiend

    nice looking game but when can i play it or the demo if u still dont know could u give us ur best estimate guess it looks looks like a really good game the only problem is how long it takes.

  5. ham1sh1999

    You’re right brad, I think cartoon platformers like Fancy Pants and third person shooters are the way to go! LONG LIVE FANCY PANTS MAN!

  6. Brad

    @FANCYFANMAN: Where? World 2 is on like 1000 different sites…

    @HyperKnuckles888: Nope, that’s pretty much fact. Just like Sony added tilt to the ps3 controller, and didn’t announce the PSP2 because they’re probably ordering a ton of 3D LCD panels as we speak.

    @ham1sh1999: Where have all the platformers gone?? Galaxy 2 just reminded me how much I missed them 🙁

  7. jesus_minime


    PPPPPardon?? move is cheep version of wii?
    i can’t believe my ears.. eyes..
    what are you talking about?
    did you try it? have you SEEN the amazing technology there?
    move is better than wii and kinect combined. in fact, it basically IS wii and kinect combined, only they actually got their tech to work properly!

  8. jesus_minime


    i never said it was different than wii or kinect. i said it was a combination. kinect looks stupid, wii is ok, but i hate it. i own one. it’s the only system i have. i still hate it 😛
    nintendo just gets so lazy when it comes to programming or doing proper hitTesting (sometimes). and also, move will still be better. because… JUST BECAUSE! I DUNT NEED TO MAK MY POINT ANY CLEARERZ! MOV IS BETTAH! >:O

    i guess we’ll just have to see what we see. i still think move will be better, especially better than kinect (ewwwwwwww).

  9. FoonySlugminni

    Brad, I literally cried out with joy when I saw the new NEW sand effects! I’d say it’s some of your best work yet, this! I also cried out with joy when I saw an enemy on the ceiling, but I guess that was a glitch. I just thought it was cool, y’know, but if you MUST remove it…

    I don’t play FPS games very often, so I can’t really contribute to that. But after listening to your voice ranting on and on, I realized it sounds a bit like Justin Long’s. Brad, are you Justin Long?

    @Jesus: Since when is Nintendo LAZY!? I think you got something backwards.

  10. Frubban

    First two minutes: That’s no spider… It’s a CRAB! And fix the glitch where it gets stuck, but please, let the crab walk on the ceiling…

    The rest of the vid: I completely agree with you. In fact, i’ve allready told two people that same thing today…

  11. jesus_minime

    i do love the sand, but the way it flings up so high after just barely touching it makes the sand look really unnatural. at least not normal sand looking. it seems that if it were real sand, it would weigh less than… nothing. it seems like the sand is just too touchy right now. tone it down a bit so it doesn’t look so much like it’s lighter than air.

    also, SMG2 is not on the list of games i hate, but one part of it i REALLY hated. go beat the game, and play the Mario sunshine level that you unlock. that level has the same crap hittesting that sunshine did. *HATE*

  12. Brad

    @NpPro93: I didn’t say that those were the only games out there, and as I ranted, I don’t have a problem with the style, but with the hypocrisy that comes from these games being though of as the anti-Wii, while they’re actually playing themselves, and using excess CPU to stage epic battles in the background, that have nothing to do with the player, or to stage a giant roller coaster ride for the player, where the player has very little control over the game.

    Absolutely there are the SotCs and Portals and Borderlands that are shaking things up, but you can’t deny that there’s a huge fad in those supposedly hardcore games to be easier and easier, play themselves for you, and distract you with noise in the background. Look at Gears of War 1 (awesome) vs Gears of War 2 (half the game is on rails, on turrets, and hardly any face to face fights with a room full of locust soldiers, and you don’t win the argument by pointing out that there are actually a few :P). Same with Uncharted 2, same with the Halo Reach campaign demo, same with the SOCOM 4 demo. I’m not saying that these are bad games because of their overuse of grit, but because their completely hypocritical in their hardcore wannabe style.

  13. Brad

    @klimtkiller: Haha, with as many backups as I have of all my Flash files, that’s not physically possible.

    I am still very paranoid about it, though, heh.

  14. ham1sh1999

    I miss the platformers too like Sonic and Mario,nintendo and SEGA, they’ve just destroyed their character’s gameplay when the platform games were even better! Everyone likes Fancy Pants because he brings back the classics!

  15. floorross

    OMG BRAD TRIPLE POSTED. well at least they have value. y are ppl whining so much ’bout platformers?
    for mario: new super mario bros, for wii and for ds
    for sonic:the sonic adventure series, sonic rush series, and now sonic 4.
    so… buy those…

    *slurred*And shes buying her stairway to heaven…

  16. Chiefsky

    The sand looks really good.I want to play the game even more now

    I agree with you that you don’t have any effect on your game anymore. The game plays itself. Exept maybe the final fantasy series. But that’s mainly beacause of the fact that they are to stupid to have any effect.Well there is one game where you really have an effect. Try playing infinite space.

    As for the game keep up the good work.And looking forward to your next report.

  17. Frubban

    But think about it. A werehog. That’s just silly.
    I found a cool piece of fanart with FPM laughing at sonic while saying something like “Seriously? A werehog?”, but i can’t find it. 😡

    Well that’s what i thought the first time i heard something about it…

    Seriously? A werehog?

  18. Frubban

    Yeah but all he can say in Galaxy is: “Graaaaaawwwwlll!! Gruff-gromp-fromp!! Gruff, gruff!! Rooaaar!!” and then he can make some Subspace particles from SSBB and teleport away. And he’s just too easy to beat at the end. Seriously. I finniched it in like seven minutes the first time, and in the end i had six lives left. Now i can do it in more like two mins… And i don’t consider myself good at games like that. I actually prefer Zelda and Metroid.

    Bowser’s Inside Story is silly. … Oh, wait. Mario games ARE silly.
    Also, in galaxy Bowser Jr. sounds like Bart from the Simpsons.

  19. FoonySlugminni

    @Jesus: A whole lot of people talked in Sunshine… That entire Mario game was very strange, the Goombas were all wrong, so were the Boos… It still gives me nightmares to this day.

    @Frubban: Well you’re right about one thing, Bowser Jr. DOES sound a whole lot like Bart Simpson in Galaxy.

  20. Brad

    @Frubban: There’s nothing wrong with (good) voice acting in Zelda. As long as it’s not for Link. Though if you’d played Soul Calibur in Japanese (the only way as far as I’m concerned), Siegfried is fully voiced by the same guy who does Link. They just wouldn’t give Link japanese VAing.

    @floorross: Me? I do too.

  21. Nats M. Sky

    On the subject of Super Mario Galaxy, I am quite perplexed by all the people on the internet who rage about it being way too easy! It took me almost a YEAR to beat just the main game of 60 stars, mostly because of some ridiculously hard stunts like swimming underwater races and rolling around on balls. (Then again, I had a several month hiatus in the middle of that year, and there were several times I only played the game twice a week or so, due to overloads of homework.)I terrified to even attempt to get all 120 stars, now that I’ve seen some of the challenges I wasn’t able to comlete when getting 60 stars! Nor do I even want to think about trying to play through all 120 stars again with Luigi! Maybe it’s like Super Paper Mario for Wii was for me, maybe the game seems hard at first but then it gets really, really, easy after beating the game several times. One more thing to rant about is that as beautiful as Super Mario Galaxy is, I feel like it had a lack of story and puzzles. I know that Super Paper Mario had way too much story in parts, but I do kind of miss having some kind of story between chapters, or in Super Mario Galaxy’s case, unlocking of domes. As for lack of puzzles, I can never get enough of those, and I feel like that’s a serious fault in Super Mario Galaxy. I didn’t pay 50 bucks to die alot doing impossible stunts without any beautiful, uplifting, inspirational story like Super Paper Mario had, or without a good dose of puzzles! Also, the problem with Galaxy is that you only get 3 health points versus 40-45 in Super Paper Mario, and you don’t get unlimited lives! You can easily get a lot of lives by using the 1-up mushrooms hidden in the observatory, but they are tedious to gather has you have to walk in and out of domes to reset them, and it takes a lot of walking to get them! Sorry for my angry rant, but I think that it’s not just first-person shooters that are changing for the worse in some ways!

    Edit: No, I have not purchased Super Mario Galaxy 2, I would like to know if it has improved on some of Super Mario Galaxy’s problems yet BEFORE I buy it. Also, it was that hard for me it beat Super Mario Galaxy while using a WALKTHROUGH for the ENTIRE game.

    • FairlyObvious

      @Nats – I don’t know if it’s not so much easy as it is forgiving. There is no need to get all of the stars but for perfectionists like me who can’t stand seeing a blank star next to a planet. And I like the crazy alarm sound when you go into a comet level. Considering you are given the option of skipping over things you may deem “too hard”, kind of helps you out a bit.

      I’m playing through SMG to give a better review of SMG2, Brad loves the second one though. He played it nonstop after he bought it. So I have high hopes.

  22. jesus_minime

    You said you wanted more story, SMG2 has less than even SMG1 did. that’s one of the reasons i like the first one better. Mario Galaxy 2 also has just about as many puzzles (if not less) than SMG1. also, the second is more difficult as well. If you had a hard time even getting 60 on SMG1, you probably won’t be able to beat SMG2. I got 117 stars with Luigi on SMG1, so the second was a breeze. Also, you already have Luigi unlocked in the second. The 120 star reward is 120 new green stars you have to collect that are very cleverly hidden throughout levels you’ve already beaten.

    k, so there’s your sum up of SMG2.

  23. medfoe

    Seriously, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s not praising these gritty games with the over-the-top masculine characters who blow other people to smithereens. I know Brad didn’t say all of that, but it’s an integral part of those overly-gritty games. Anyways, rant next time, too!

  24. FreedomForAll

    Hey, guys, again I haven’t posted in a while but this time I have a good reason.

    Great video Brad, sand looks awesome. And I have noticed that in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune where you are travelling through the map and when you com across the enemies, your cpu partner or whatever can take then out just as easily you would with a few shots and if your with them all you really need to do is wait a bit and your partner will take care of them. They kind of level it out by only letting your cpu partner shoot like 3 shots every 40 seconds.

    In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, there bullets aren’t strong as yours… at all… to the point where why do they give you one when it takes a good 30 shots from them to take them out whereas it would take maybe 1 easy shot to the head for you to take them out. The sad thing about these two games is that head shots are easy.

    Now for my excuse for not posting, I MIGHT be joining the Coast Guard. I have thought about it for a while and it seems like something I would want to do. First I have to go through the few weeks of basic training and I think a few more but I haven’t received the info on that yet. Ill say more later.

  25. FreedomForAll

    Sounds like fun… basic training = no fun… just a lot of sweat and throwing up. But yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

  26. Frubban

    I didn’t use any walkthrought, but it took me about four months to get the first 117 stars. Then after a one month break, i tried the last ones, beat them easily, and completed the next 120 in one day. I have no life.

    Anyways, i haven’t bought SMG2, and i probably won’t in the near future. Just think about it. I have to buy the new Kirby game, the new Metroid game, and then, next year, the new Zelda game. Plus there’s lots of other great games too. AFTER that i can buy crappy games just because i want them all…

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