World 3 Report 16

The show must go on! Fixed that backflip y’all were complaining about, broken frog, and some more concept art.



  1. MustiMustach

    I kinda like the Backflip, but it would be even better, if you could put some double backflips in the jumps, when its up high. Oh and i have a great idea for a new character. Fancy Cap! some guy with a cap over his eyes. That’ll be cool! But erhm.. Keep up the good work!

  2. MustiMustach

    Yeah, there is, but sometimes the backflips look very clumsy when you have already performed it, and you’re just falling to the ground… Also, FRONTFLIPS! Would be a good idea, but only at certain points, it looks really weird when every jump has something to do with either “freerunning” or “awesomeness”.

  3. wingdemon

    0.o, tis owsum. BTW, the darker sand that comes up when you take steps or jump, will it fade away with time, not too quickly, but after a minute or two? that’d be a cool effect…..

  4. Verde Flash

    I swear, if the first 6 or so FPA Worlds cost 30+ dollars I would still buy them.


    Assuming it doesn’t get darker and edgier after World 3.

  5. jesus_minime

    There are already multiple ways to perform front flips in world 2,
    but Brad it would be cool to see a specific animation that goes along with the front flip.

    I wouldn’t pay 35 bucks to play world 1, but I would definitely pay money for world 2 or any of its future sequels.

    He probably won’t be doing that, as he siad in an earlier report that he was implanting them to the BG. I don’t think it would be worth all that just to “un-implant” them. ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Brad: new back flip=much smoother. I like it, but i do have one question:
    Will it still be called “matrix flip” when in the science level?

  6. Aubrey

    wow. the backflip is a ton better, and i love the angry duck. can’t wait to see everything. i liked the frog design, can’t wait to see it…. working… Everything looks great! hope you get better

  7. Bouzolf

    In the forest background at 3:41 it makes no sense that the trees that are very far are darker than the ones infront. Infact, they should be really pale, like so:

    Etc. Now the trees far away attract the eye alot more than the ones in front.

    Other than that really nice job. =)

  8. Brad

    @Bouzolf: Useful feedback, on my blog?? Mind ‘sploded.

    Luckily I’m doing the fade with code, so I can play around with it. I’ll do some tests soon. Good catch, though.

  9. hamcheese362

    nice. So you fixed the outlines!!!! good job. haha, poor, broken frog. Get well soon!

    @wallross: *teehee* you’re still using words like uber *teehee*

  10. wallross

    @Electron: Thats what I hated about the Adam Phillips level in world 2. You couldn’t really tell what you had to jump to or run on. Everything was mixed up with the background.

  11. hamcheese362

    @brad: ask fairly for lolipops. i heard that she heard that lolipops are good for coughs (surprisimgly, i have a coughing problem ((not permanetnt)) too!).
    @newcomers: brad doesn’t need ideas
    @brad again. so thats what tflying bird dog thing will look like in world three? btw what were those?
    EDIT: they look like crows

  12. hamcheese362

    @applewarrior: hey, i didn’t mean it to just you, you know. don’t worry about it i’ve just been here longer and have read his other posts… so i wasn’t trying to be mean or anything ๐Ÿ˜‰
    whenever you want to intend sarcasm do this (but replace all “()” with “”)
    (sarcasm)text here(/sarcasm) you could learn more about this at the forum here

    @brad: Hey i could give useful information too!!! you know how you said that the crab was not permanent? well how about instead of makin the eyes in the middle you put the mouth there and you make the eyes come out the top, feel me?

  13. wingdemon

    @Hammy, – been here longer? you joined like here a week before apple warrior :P.

    @Brad, – anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i think you should lighten the background to the beach level, the (kinda) darker skies against the (kinda0 pale sand looks, well, not so fancy…… other than that i have nothing to add (yet.) :P. good work.

    @JM, – oh, i didn’t know that; your right, why go through all that trouble, it might extend world 3’s release by like 2 days compared to the like 1 year left for it to be complete……

    @applewarrior, – don’t worry, brad loves feedback, just don’t give him too many IDEAS, i bet his mind is already bursting with stuff to cram into world 3, and we don’t want to overwork him. a simple word like, “cowboys” could set him off to design a whole new level, (maybe) so yeah. he’s really great that way, i think its called Uber Creativity, ingenuity and all that good stuff.

    @HAmmy, – (again) just wanted to ask, is it just me, or have you been trying to correct ross as much as possible lately??? its like every few posts, “You still use UBER”, “or you still use [insert word here]”. if your still mad at him, tell him. then maybe (prolly not) he’ll say sorry and we can all get on with our lives.

    @anyone, i don’t care – There are front flips in world? *clicks on world 2 bookmark*

    oh and before i forget. Is world 3 out yet?

    • FairlyObvious

      @wingdemon – hamcheese and wallross are pretty familiar with each other, if wallross has an issue with hamcheese HE will address it. Also, Brad hasn’t added anything to the background of the level which will ultimately happen so the level is NOT finished anyway. Also, do not underestimate what Brad does or how it will affect the release date because you do not know. Applewarrior’s comment was innocent but there have been occasions where people do make comments throwing ideas out that they want implemented in the game, hamcheese was just jumping the gun a bit.

      btw I do agree with electron about light source, the light is coming through the tops of the trees, not behind them. That will make a difference. The trees will be lighter where the sun hits whether they are in the front or the back.

  14. hamcheese362

    what does jumping the gun mean?….
    @wingdemon: nuh- uhhh!!!! and by saying cowboys aren’t you subliminaly implanting an idea. NO i’m not mad at wallross! one week is still longer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Brad

    @hamcheese362: I had that as an older design, not too happy with out it looked, though.

    @wingdemon: Yeah, I changed it to darker though, because otherwise it was kinda hard to see the sand. Not sure if I’m going to mix in some black with the sand particles or what, but the final blue should be much lighter.

  16. applewarrior

    thanks Hamcheese362
    thanks Wingdemon
    thanks FairlyObvious

    oh! and Brad, some people think the Afro-Ninja cameo-level
    in world 2 was hard; but that’s my favorite level in the whole game!!

  17. hamcheese362

    nah that one was easy, the adam phillips level, now that was hard. SO WHAT DOES JUMPING THE GUN MEAN!?… anyways…
    @brad, haha. hey, what do you mean by mixing black and white sand particles? wutever… the sand is gonna be black and white?

  18. applewarrior

    hamcheese362: maybe black and white means he’ll just add black particles to the already tan sand

    jesus_minime:i hope the mouse with the gun appears in world 3

  19. wingdemon

    @HAmmy, i liked the Adam Phillips level in world 2………

    @Fairly, sorry (if its needed:P)……..

    @JM, your right, the frogs are awesome. they’re the climax of the whole progress report, the piece de resistance.:P

    @Failry (again), the “when is world 3 coming out?” was a jk, (sarcasm much?), and it pretty easy to make out, since every progress report now has a ,”i don’t know when W3 will be released’ at the bottom of it.:P

    @Brad, are they’re gonna be an background animation id W3, like in the forest level, maybe a rabbit moving around, or the tree leaves rustling? jus’ asking.

  20. Beeman98

    Bird-dog-crow-dragon rulez. except in world one it killed me once. The even worse thing, i just realized i never beat the evil rabbit in world 2. woops. i’ll be playing that then…..cya
    *gives brad lollipop*

    • Brad

      It helps to keep sliding into baddies instead of jumping on them, so that you keep moving. Watch those shadows! And don’t collect the squiggles until you get hit once, it’ll give you one more hit.

  21. wingdemon

    @Fairly, Oh-Kay…srry, for, well..everything.

    @Hammy, yeah, the Adam Phillips level is hard, but its still fuun!

    @DisarrayPhreak, give him some time. he’s prolly really busy. its not easy to create a game this awesome. he’ll prolly respond 2 his e-mails when he gets some free time.


  22. jesus_minime

    Lolz ๐Ÿ˜›
    The camp I’m staying at is doing some tomorrow so I’m not going to blow all my money on combustibles. Right now I’m still saving for Macbook Pro (Which is going to be awesome).

  23. FreedomForAll

    I’m a kid in a candy shop when I go out to buy fireworks with my little cousin and family.

    I actually have to wait for my cousin Patrick to get to KCK before I buy “King of the Hill”… it’s the biggest one they sell in Kansas City v…v we need my uncles long bed to get this thing to the lake… pretty epic.

  24. wallross

    @ Rehyzi: It’s a holiday, so Brad won’t be doing much. I don’t really see the point of American holidays. They pretty much close down world trading for one day…

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